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boba baby...

 I love gummy things. So it's no surprise that Boba Milk Tea is one of my favorite indulgences. Also known as bubble tea (because of the tapioca balls floating at the bottom) and usually found in Chinese bakeries and neighborhoods, it's pretty common these days to find boba tea offered even in non-Asian cafes and coffee houses. However, if you love it as much as I do, you can make your own with these WuFuYuan tapioca pearls found at an Asian grocery store or online. Follow the easy directions on the package and add to a tea of your choice. There are a ton of ways to make tea using recipes like this, this and this. My fave is coconut or almond black milk tea, iced, and served with a jumbo straw.

{Photos above: tapioca pearls after boiled & finished black coconut milk tea!}