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a bruncher's delight in {palm springs}...


I recently spent a very brief whirlwind weekend-ette {sadly not the full weekend} in Palm Springs at The Parker. With a gaggle of girls, we found ourselves at Norma's two days in a row for brunch. We found ourselves amassed with giant fruit-topped pancakes, mini doughnuts, and {my favorite} the Wa-Zaa...a giant waffle filled with and topped with fruit as well as a crackled layer of crème brûlée shell in between. The fish tacos {not shown} were also very tasty.

Final thoughts...3.5 out of 5 happy ladies for good food, gorgeous ambiance, but slow service. Go for a leisurely brunch when time is not of the essence. Bring good friends...and it's even better...

Normas3 Normas4 

{photos by Oh Joy}