Oh JoyOh Joy

happy friday + hilarious coincidences...


Happy Friday, friends! Today, I leave you with this ridiculously awesome moment. I was in Napa the other day for work on a photo shoot with my dear Mrs. Lilien. I've mentioned before that we oddly have many things in common, but this one takes the cake. When I arrived at the Oakland airport waiting for her to pick me up and whisk me off to Napa, I saw her laughing with glee as she pulled up. I had no idea why...until she got out of the car and we were wearing the same exact outfit. The same striped hot pink dress, yellow cardigans, gold sandals, and coral painted toe nails. I swear, we did not plan this. We found ourselves rolling around on the ground in pure laughter and delight at our outrageous friend ESP. So, today, I leave you with a snapshot of our day as twins that just had to be captured. Jen Siska shot this right before we started our work day on set. Have a great weekend all! Hope you find yourself with moments of laughter {that almost make you pee your pants} like this.

{photo by Jen Siska, matching dresses by Roxy}