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this & that...


...wear this quicksilver dress, sip on cool treats with that set of kikkerland paper straws...


{packaging love}: jaqk...


Wine bottles seem to be natural canvas for great graphic design, but rarely does something come along that seems totally new and different in the realm of wine packaging. So, I'm loving these by Jaqk Cellars. The both classic & modern patterns and cheeky, poker-esque icons have a lovely mix of feminine and masculine. It's no wonder that the founders of this winery are also designers!

{For more fun wine design, I also love these by Swanson.}

ain't no party like a ban.do party...


I'm a little late to the game on this...but on heels of yesterday's Closet & Casa with Jen from Ban.do, I had to share this awesome little diddy from a photoshoot by Rue Magazine about a Ban.do Birthday {pg. 199} that Bri and I just so happened to also be in {You can find me in a polka-dotted dress with yellow tights and Bri in an Alice in Wonderland ensemble with lavender tights}. Photographed by Max Wanger and filmed by Shark Pig, this sweet party was so fun to be part of!

{film above by Shark Pig, behind-the-scenes snaps of Jen, Bri, and I...by Bri}

foodie kids...


If I had a kid, I'd definitely make them wear one of these costumes {how freaking cute?!?} for Halloween. My husband says I should just wear one of them myself...not a bad idea, Bob, not a bad idea at all...

{photos by Pottery Barn Kids}

{closet & casa} with jen gotch...


who: Jen Gotch, Co-Owner of Ban.do

in her closet: My sweet vintage-y looking party dress from Anthropologie. I got it there just over 5 years ago. I was looking for something to wear out on the town in Vegas the night before I got married, and this little beauty totally fit the bill. Of course now, 5 years later, the tiny waistline cuts off circulation to my brain...but I wear it anyway.

in her casa: There are lots of things in my house that I love, but this pretty lady always seems to come to mind. I found her a few years ago at the Long Beach swap meet for 40 bucks. Those red lips are to die for.  I've had lots of people offer me lots of money for her, but I just can't live without her. I named her Bernadette Duprey, but I call her Bernie.

{photos by Jen}

the path to green tea...




On the path to Kiyomizu-Dera, there are a ton of little shops selling trinkets and chotchkes...and plenty of green tea treats {you already know I'm addicted right?}. Said treats include green tea soft serve, green tea soft serve on top of green tea cake, and cream puffs filled with green tea ice cream or green tea custard. Did I try them all? But, of course!

{photos by Oh Joy}

{new york event} creative, inc. book party...


We are now taking RSVP's for our Creative, Inc. book party in New York next week on Thursday, October 7th. If you're in the NY area, we'd love to celebrate the launch of our new book with you at this last stop of the tour! Simply RSVP to: blog(at)michelevarian.com by Tuesday. Look forward to seeing you!



...by Carl Kleiner...

feeling icy cold...


...inspired by the heat wave we're currently experiencing here in LA...some icy cold things to give you {and me} some cool thoughts...

{left to right, top to bottom: rhinestone necklace from Urban Outfitters, ice cream lamp from Fred Flare, Rab|Labs quartz tray {via This is Glamourous}, Martinez Valero aqua heels, and Slim Aarons cat pool photo.}

japanese doughnuts {in kyoto}...


Although I love sweet treats, I rarely find myself craving a doughnut. Even the fanciest of the breed are typically too large, greasy, and overly sweet for me. However, this all changed after I had doughnuts in Kyoto.


The petite-sized off-shoots {less than 3 inches in diameter} are dense, just sweet enough, and feel like something you can actually have for breakfast and not feel guilty about.


One of my favorite spots in Kyoto to get these said doughnuts include Floresta {shown above...I went to this one}. With its sweet illustrations, awesome flavor options {I loved the green tea and salted caramel}, and the fresh fruit frozen yogurt mixed on the spot...this was my go-to spot for the week.


I also peeked into Hara Donuts a few times which looks super cute and very similar to the size and flavor options of Floresta.



Finally, while Floresta and Hara run in the gourmet end of doughnuts, I also loved these little guys found at a stand at the Nishiki Market. At a reasonable 10 pieces for 200 Yen, these soy doughnuts from Konnamonjya {also called Fujino Tofu} had a similar texture and flavor as funnel cake. Certainly more greasy than the other options, but still light and fluffy and so so good.

{photos by Oh Joy}