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{from japan} shopping bits in kyoto...


While in Kyoto, the shopping was certainly one of my favorite parts! Unfortunately, most shops aren't fans of tourists taking photos inside their store so I don't have any of those to share. So instead, I wanted to share some of the treats I brought home from my favorite shops in Kyoto.

After a couple days of walking, I soon realized a needed a backpack...and quick! I stumbled upon this awesome striped backpac {above} at Pual Ce Cin in an awesome part of Kyoto called Sakyo-ku where there are a ton of other great little design-y shops like Paul Smith, Mumokuteki, and Hara Donuts {on Gokomachi Street just below Rokkaku Street}.



Not far from there, the Nishiki Market {a food market paradise} also has great furoshiki cloths, linens, and chopsticks which made for great gifts for me to bring back to the States for family and friends.



I found some adorable and quirky things for kids at the Alphabet shop in Kityama.


Finally, my favorite design store of the bunch...one that made my heart all aflutter...was Angers on the busy main street of Kawaramachi in Kyoto. A mix of home decor, stationery, and clothing...including amazing stationery from D-Bros {shown above and in the background of all of the photos above}, beautiful printed napkins and bamboo placecards {3rd photo}, and much more {which I didn't buy but wanted to!}.


I found it very hard to find stores ahead of time due to the various English spellings on different maps, so most of these I stumbled upon by accident. However, I wanted to share some of my favorite streets where you are bound to find some great shopping {all highlighted in pink}.

Kawaramachi and Shijo are the main streets for shopping in downtown Kyoto. Here you'll find a mix of department stores {Muji, Loft, Takishimaya}, restaurants, touristy knick-knack shops, and more. You'll find lots more knick-knack type things {great for gifts to bring home to the States} in the Shinkyogoku and Teramachikyogoku Arcades {which are really like covered street malls, and not actual arcades}. Nishiki-Dori is a must and holds the Nishiki Food Market. Finally, my favorite two streets were Sanjo and Gokomachi which are tiny streets lined with great independant clothing and home decor boutiques.

{photos by Oh Joy. Please note the map is a rough sketch and only highlights my favorite streets. Use it in conjunction with a real map so you have a better understanding of what surrounds those streets.}