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happy friday + playing dress up...



Happy Friday all! I'm off to Palm Springs tonight to spend a warm weekend in the sun and attend the Flashdance Halloween Party at the Ace Hotel on Sunday! I can't wait to see what everyone's dressing up as. What are you being this grand ole halloween? I'm gonna be something sweet, while Bob will be something salty ;) Have a great weekend, friends...one full of spooky and amusing adventures!

Oh, and Anthology Magazine is doing a wallpaper giveaway that includes a roll from my wallpaper line. Click here to see more details and enter!

{photos by Mikael Olsson and Sandra Freij}

edible glitter?!?


...yes, please! Where do I sign up?

{Thanks Allie!}

{sneak peek} happy chic home...


Today, I'm thrilled to offer you a sneak peek into Jonathan Adler's new books—Happy Chic Colors and Happy Chic Accessorizing. I love seeing how Mr. Adler applies his whimsy and wit to interior spaces, so what's better than when he tells you exactly how to do it?! The how-to books are full of tips, ideas, inspiration as well as chock full of never before seen interior design projects. Love!

{Thanks SZ! All photos from the books.}

flora & fauna...


...{flora} by Livia Cetti, {fauna} by Jonathan Adler...

lust list...


...living a life in high-contrast black & white...by the late and great Corinne Day...

fall brights...




...crisp, vivid, fall...lounge chairs by Gallant & Jones and rugs by Angela Adams...

{Gallant & Jones photo by Janis Nicolay}

making vegetables look good in {silver lake}...




I've been attempting to eat more vegetables and salads lately {since cupcake lunches can only take you so far}. So I've been crossing my sweet fingers for a great salad/sandwich place in the neighborhood...and then to my delight...I read about a new location for Food+Lab on Take Sunset right in our neighborhood!

Located on Sunset Blvd, Food+Lab's third location couldn't have come at a better time. The food is fresh, healthy, and really so tasty. My favorite combination so far {which I've now had two days in a row} is the organic chicken arugula salad with edamame, cranberries, and candied pecans topped with their {amazing} house dressing . The homemade lemonade is super fresh, extra concentrated, and not too sweet...and reminds me of my beloved yuzu juice from Japan. Because this new Food+Lab location is on a pretty random part of Sunset, not close to any of the other main hot spots, it's not crazy crowded yet. But I'm pretty sure that soon enough, more people will discover the greatness and it's sure to be a hot spot in its own right.

{photos by Oh Joy}

sister, sister...


...loving the current collection by Paul & Joe Sister...

personalized perfection...


I seriously love everything that comes out of Rifle's shop...and these new custom cards are no exception. Anna's new personalized holiday cards are gorgeous, and the monogram sets are present perfection!

{closet & casa} with angela and ithyle...


who: Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths, Photographers and Directors

in his closet: I picked up these shell cordovan boots built on a modified last at Anatomica, in Paris—a men's store I had been dying to visit. They were made custom for Anatomica by Alden, who has been making shoes, by hand, in the USA since 1884. The dusty old frenchman who fitted me, pretty much made me leave the store wearing my new shoes, and with thinly veiled disdain, hid my Converse in the empty shoe box.

in his casa: This is our favorite camera, it also lives in the studio, and masquerades as a piece of home decor when we are not shooting with it.  It is from the 1890's, and it just too pretty to live in a box.  We even found the original advertisement for the lens online.

in her closet: My engagement ring is from the 1930's. It was given to me in a photobooth. It couldn't be more perfect. Ithyle found it through Claude Morady, whose collection of estate jewelry makes me swoon.

in her casa: This photobooth sign we saw in a vintage shop in Vancouver while shooting a commercial. It was big, heavy and fragile, so we wistfully left it there.  A week later when the job wrapped, our producer had a giant crate in his trunk, with rope handles and a big "Fragile" sticker.  I was dying to know what sort of object from afar he had acquired...turns out it was for us. 

{photos by Angela + Ithyle}