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{make it} egg in a basket...


Inspired by this breakfast from the Sanitarium, I recreated the same Eggs in a Basket topped with avocados. It's so tasty, easy to make, and a great source of protein and antioxidants.

For each serving, you'll need:
- Sourdough bread {any will do but I like sourdough to offset the other flavors here}
- Butter
- One egg
- Half of an avocado
- Salt, Pepper, and Sriracha to taste

Here's how:


Butter up a frying pan and bring to medium to high heat. Cut a circle out of the middle of each piece. and place on pan. Toast one side {similar to making grilled cheese} until brown and slighly toasted.


Flip the bread over and crack and egg right into the middle. Cook until the bottom of egg is no longer sticking to the pan.


Flip over once more to cook the egg on the other side. Cook to your desired level of yolkiness. {I like a runny yolk as you can see in the first photo.}


Finally, plate and top with salt and pepper to taste. For a little extra kick, top with a bit of sriracha. Enjoy!

{photos by Oh Joy}