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bacon jam goodness...


If you've never had bacon jam before {and assuming you eat and like bacon} then you've pretty much got to stop whatever you're doing now and get {or make} some STAT. Bacon jam is like savory, sweet, delectable morsels of bacon in spreadable form. I bought a jar from Perishable in LA, and it's been the shining star of my condiments shelf ever since. I put it on toast {topped with eggs, blue cheese, and/or avocados}, on burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, scrambled eggs, apple slices...really, anything {I bet it would be amazing on maple ice cream too!}.

If you don't have an artisanal or gourmet shop near you that sells it, this version from Skillet Street Food and this recipe will give you more reasons to salivate.

{photo by Oh Joy. Above: sourdough toast topped with bacon jam and Point Reyes blue cheese}