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happy friday + tasty acquisitions...


Happy Friday folks! I have a little announcement to make about a new change taking place today here at Oh Joy...it's a sweet acquisition of sorts! I've decided to merge my food blog with my design blog for one big 'ole, {design/food/fashion} blog. Since the beginning of this blog, in 2005, I've enjoyed posting food finds here {as design and food are two of my favorite things EVER}. Then, last year, I decided to start a separate food blog to really capture more of my own finds, shoot my own photos, and make a more personal food lover's experience.

However, in the past year, I have noticed how many of the design blog readers also enjoy the food blog because my aesthetic and point of view seem to overlap in both. So, to make it easier on everyone who enjoys both {and to focus on more unique content} I've made the decision to merge them together here. So you'll still see three posts daily here, with one per day being food based and the other two being design/fashion as usual. For those of you who only want to see food posts, you can click on the Eats button up top.

Hope you enjoy this little switch as much as we're looking forward to continuing to share our favorite finds in design, food, and fashion here at Oh Joy! Thanks so much for your amazing support and for reading however long you've been visiting! Have a great weekend everyone!

{photo by Oh Joy from my recent trip to Japan}