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my new favorite side dish...



In my attempt to eat more vegetables, I've been throwing together concoctions of the green kind in boat loads lately. My newest creation, which I had to share with you, I'll call "A Farmer's Autumn" because it's kind of perfect for fall and tastes freshly picked from the earth. And, as a bonus, it can be served both hot {as a side dish} or cold {as a salad}...

It's so easy and so good. Here's how...

You'll need {serves 2}: {I happened to get all of these at Trader Joe's pre-cleaned and packaged}
- 2 cups of cubed butternut squash
- 1 cup of peeled edamame {comes in a container at TJ's}
- 3 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped
- Goat Cheese {one small mediallion per serving}
- Salt & pepper to taste

Here's how:
1. While I usually roast butternut squash in the oven, this time I sautéed it in a wok. Which means you'll have to cut it in smaller cubes {about 1/2"} so that it cooks more quickly. Sauté squash in a couple tablespoons of olive oil over medium-high heat. Once it's cooked for a few minutes, add chopped garlic and sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper. Cover with a sheet of aluminum foil to keep in the heat and cook squash faster.

2. Continue to stir every few minutes and keep covered with foil in-between stirrings. The edges of the squash will start to get crisp and brown as the squash gets softer. Also, increase the heat to almost high after a couple stirrings.

3. Once the squash is just about cooked, add in the edamame for an additional few minutes of sauté action {The cooking should take about 10-12 minutes total}.

4. When ready to serve, drop chunks of goat cheese on top and lightly toss so the goat cheese mixes in equally. It will start to melt slightly for creamy, melty goodness. The final result has roasted, yet crisp-edged, butternut squash, fresh edamame soybeans, toasted chip-like garlic pieces, and buttery soft goat cheese. If you have leftovers, it makes for a great cold salad the next day for lunch! Enjoy!

{Photos and recipe by Oh Joy}