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{taste tested}: magic milk straws...



I've never been a big fan of straight milk. I love it in ice cream, I love it in a latte, I love it in cheese...but pure milk on it's own has never been my thing. However, ever since my friend Kelley told me about these straws last year, I knew it might be the solution to my calcium-deficient woes and had to get my hands on some!

While Got Milk's Magic Milk Straws were probably made to lure kids into getting more Vitamin D, I have to say they're kinda my new best friend. Available in chocolate, strawberry, cookies n' cream, and vanilla...simply sip on any kind of milk with the straw and it tastes transforms into that flavor! The little flavor buds slowly dissolve giving you enough sweetness for one full glass. I kid you not, I had 4 glasses of milk within 2 days just cause this is so fun and GOOD! And, for these chilly nights lately, it does wonders in a warm glass of milk. The straw contents melt faster in heated milk, leaving you with best approximation of a warm milkshake that I've been able to find or create.

{photos by Oh Joy}