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this & that...


...wear this Lilly Pulitzer dress, decorate with that Decoylab clock...


love these...


...leather & gold fortune cookie coin purses by Diana Eng... — Joy

{via The Dieline}

feeling dotty & spotty wrapped in olives...


{1. J.Crew sandals, 2. Sonja by Sonja Rykiel dress, 3. Urban Outfitters pillow, 4. Madewell bangle, 5. bikini from Anthropologie, 6. Studiomake bowl — Joy}

a life-sized brain freeze...


One of the last finishing touches I'm working on for our dining room is a wall full of food prints. I've already got some steak prints, some popsicles, and some cakes. So, this giant monochromatic soft-serve print by Debbie Carlos pulls at my sweet heart strings for sure...

bold and bright...


I love it when quirky things are made sophisticated. So I'm loving British designer Charlotte Taylor's interpretation of "animal prints" in her fall/winter 2011 collection currently on display at London Fashion Week. — Joy

happy friday + shopping fun...


Before the holidays, the Americana at Brand {an outdoor luxury mall in the Glendale area of LA} asked Bob and I to be part of their taste-maker ad campaign this year featuring different LA locals every month and where they love to shop. All we had to do was shop at our favorite stores and someone would photograph us doing so. Um, not too bad, hunh? We instantly said heck, yeah! Even better, the photographer was none other than my good friend Bonnie Tsang, so it made the day even more fun and laid back...like we were just hanging out with friends. The ad will be in local magazines, {like Los Angeles Magazine} in March...and you just may see us "hanging around" on signage at the Americana as well. Thanks to the Americana for having us and Bonnie for her beautiful photos! Today I leave you with a few of my favorite shots and outtakes from the day...followed by the final ad {which you can see larger right here}. My favorite part was the farmer's market and the petting zoo {that bunny melted my heart}! Have a great weekend all! — Joy

{All photos by Bonnie Tsang. Ad design by Cleo Murnane. Clothing is our own...my blazer & tank from J.Crew, shoes from Aerosoles, flower corsage by Ban.do; Bob's tie from Reform School, shoes by Paul Smith.}

{make it} neapolitan s'mores...




I received a package of Whimsy & Spice's rose vanilla marshmallows for Valentine's Day from this little friend {and her mom}. So I pulled out stock from my sweet pantry and decided to whip up some Neapolitan S'mores using the rose vanilla marshmallows, these coconut marshmallows, Charles Chocolates crisped rice bar, and good 'ole fashioned graham crackers.

Simply cut each marshmallow in half, join the two halves together, then toast them with the chocolate and bottom graham cracker in the toaster oven. When it comes out, the marshmallows will be toasty and gooey...and the chocolate nice and melted. Top it with the 2nd cracker, and you've got a pink, white, and chocolate extravaganza for your taste buds. I went super fancy with rose vanilla, toasted coconut, and crisped rice chocolate, but you can make it simpler with white and pink plain marshmallows and solid dark or milk chocolate..or dark chocolate with sea salt {my favorite s'mores chocolate}... — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}

little outfits...


...a lotta cuteness...in Stella McCartney's new spring kid's collection... — Joy

{oh joy eats lunch with} stacy newgent...


Who Stacy Newgent, freelance photographer

Where Indianapolis, Indiana

Time 12:30 pm

What's a typical lunch for you? Sometimes I eat lunch at home, and sometimes I eat lunch while I'm working. This was my lunch when I was photographing a food truck, Cafe De Wheels, in Cincinnati, Ohio - a delicious hamburger with sweet potato fries. 

What's your dream/ideal lunch? I'm dying to get to Chicago and try Graham Elliot's new sandwich shop Grahamwich - I love sandwiches! 

Dessert with lunch? No, but if I'm out with friends I'll have wine with lunch for sure. 

Thanks Stacy!
— Joanna

{photo by Stacy}

{oh bob} primary prep...


{1. Umbra talk bulletin board, 2. wallet from Wintercheck Factory, 3. Paul Smith sneakers,
4. Warby Parker Larkin frames, 5. ASOS tee, 6. Nixon watch, 7. laptop cases from Poketo.
— Bob}