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neapolitan pizza paradise in {los feliz}...




Ever since moving to the West Coast a couple years ago, I've found that there are a some East Coast staples that are pretty hard to reproduce over here...really good pizza being one of them. Just last week, a new neapolitan style pizzeria opened right by us, and my pizza cravings can now be fulfilled. Being the pizza fanatic that I am {we embarked on an all-day self-initiated pizza tour of New York before we moved out here}, I'm pretty psyched about Mother Dough being just minutes away. The neapolitan style pizza is thin in the middle, doughy around the edge, chewy, yet a bit crisp and toasty from the 850 degree oven. The melted buffalo mozzarella sits on top fresh San Marzano tomato sauce for what tastes like the perfect mix of chewy and crispy crust, fresh and light sauce, and gooey mozzarella cheese. This place is sure to become a regular for us. — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}