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happy friday + spring bows...


With April around the corner, mini bows are finding their way into my wardrobe big time...they feel like the perfect extra dose of icing on top of the cake. Thanks so much for all your nice words and support about our SFAS episode & my Target notebooks this week. I really can't say it enough, but your support means so much! Have a great weekend folks! — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy, shoes by Bettye Muller for BHLDN - only 37 pairs were made!}

currently snacking on...


There's a reason these magical pillows of sweetness are called Cloud Cookies. They are light, airy, chewy, and something I imagine the clouds might actually be made of up in heaven. Made by Bunches & Bunches, the cookies are part meringue, part macaroon, and totally light, airy, flaky, and chewy with a touch of coconut...a combination of crispy and chewy that I've never experienced before. It melts in your mouth like butter... — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy, cookies from Bunches & Bunches* which can be ordered right here}

nuts for chocolate...


{1. Vosges creole bombalina hazelnuts, 2. heavenly pecan clusters from Moonstruck Chocolatier, 3. Mari's brownies with nuts, 4. Dufflet almond + anise liqueur chocolate tumbles, 5. créme de la crunch ice cream toppers from GoodyTwos, 6. hazelnut wafers from Gail Ambrosius. — Joanna

rainbow shelves...


...endless amounts of color and fun...by Max & Hannes Gumpp for ABR... — Joy

{via Famille Summerbelle}

oh joy at target...




Hooray! I'm thrilled to announce a new set of Oh Joy notebooks now available at Target stores! Produced by Chronicle Books, the duo of notebooks has some of my favorite patterns, colors, and copper foil details in these two lined notebooks sold exclusively at 1136 Target stores across the country! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}

{closet & casa} with lauren willhite...


who: Lauren Willhite, Blogger and Graphic Designer

why lauren rocks: She's got a keen eye for color, let me tell you! Her blog always keeps me updated on the current color trends.

in her closet: This is new and already a favorite. Someday I will own a garment from Shabd, but until then this silk blouse from Nordstrom satisfies my need for tie dye.

in her casa: This cluster of treasures in the living room area always makes me smile. I pulled my old collections from the storage space last year and found some goodies! As a child I collected rocks and butterflies and have always believed there's something magical about jars of glitter.

Thanks Lauren!

{photos by Lauren}

love these...



...Chewing the Cud's newest series of fabric give wraps... — Joy

{full recap} our episode of secrets from a stylist!


I was waiting to post my recap for you guys until the episode was online for those of you without TV's or who didn't get to see it live. So check it out right here if you haven't watched it yet. Then, all the bits below will make much more sense!

So you might wonder what it's like to have your house made over on a reality show...well, it's pretty awesome! Here's a little recap and behind-the-scenes bits for you of how it all went down. I had known of Emily's styling work previously to her being on Design Star but we had never met. Once I saw the pilot episode of her new show, I emailed her a fan letter and asked if she was available for consulting because I loved her show and needed help. Her show was the first on HGTV that I really felt fit our style and if anyone could give some good advice, she could. She was too busy to consult, but she was like, "Why don't you audition for the show and then I'd get to style your place for free?!?". My ears perked up and so I got Bob to film this audition tape with me. We sent it in, and soon after started the process of going through rounds of casting from August-October of last year. When we finally got the call that we were in, we were told we'd be shooting a month later and filmed our episode at the end of November.


During the casting process, we met with Emily a couple times to talk about our own individual styles as well as our combined styles and what love our space to become. We sent her some tear sheets of things we liked. While I tend to be very type A and want to be in charge, I really let Emily do her thing because I love her work and trusted her 100%. And, Bob, well, he's easy so there were no concerns there. Here's what our living room & dining room looked like before...


this & that...


...wear this Tucker blouse, get inspired by that Mark Rothko book...


currently snacking on...


...cha siu bao {steamed BBQ pork buns} like these mini ones from Zine at the Palazzo in Vegas. One of my favorite Chinese dim sum treats! — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}