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pom pommed...


...totally awesome...by Pom Pom Factory... — Joy

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a sunday brunch with friends...





Yesterday I was treated to a surprise birthday brunch by my amazing friends, Bonnie, Kelley, Audrey, Carrie, Bri, and Jen at Lazy Ox Canteen in downtown LA. The tapas-style brunch included a tasty mix of Meyer Lemon Pancakes, Ricotta Fritters, super chunky Fries, and a birthday Caramel & Hazelnut Rice Pudding...yum! There's nothing better than good food with good friends... — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


Flea-bag-handbags1 Flea-bag-handbags2 Flea-bag-handbags3

Love these utilitarian, yet chic, bags by Fleabag... — Joy

happy friday + round things...


Happy Friday friends! Thanks again for your sweet birthday wishes early this week. Jihan from Geronimo came by and gave me this crazy awesome balloon for my birthday. It was so sweet and even bigger than I had imagined in person. I took these quick photo booth pics to show you the funny resemblance between the balloon and this baby belly which seems to be growing rounder by the day! Hope you all have a great weekend full of bright, happy things... — Joy

{balloon from Geronimo, dress by Isabella Oliver}

{oh joy eats lunch with} dominic episcopo...


Who  Dominic Episcopo, a Commercial Photographer.

Where  the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA

Time I tend to eat lunch on the late side - as late as 3pm some days!

What's a typical lunch for you? I have recently designed the interiors and vibe for a couple of restaurants in Philly. I'm just completing a new restaurant called Revolution House. For the last few months as I was working on this project, I had the opportunity to sample dishes on a daily basis as the chef, Luca Sena Jr. was developing the menu and working out the recipes. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! My favorite {and my standard lunch now} was the Revolution burger. It's an all American beef burger with American cheese, red pepper flakes, and topped with a fried egg...whoa! Ya know, meat is my muse... 

What's your dream/ideal lunch? On an island somewhere!

Dessert with lunch?  Never dessert with lunch. I eat enough already, and the last thing I need is dessert during lunch! 

Thanks Dominic!
— Joanna

{photos by Dominic}

pretty little tie dye...

Scout-and-catalogue-etsy1 Scout-and-catalogue-etsy3 Scout-and-catalogue-etsy2

...from Scout & Catalogue... — Joy

currently {wishing} i was snacking on...


While in Harbour Island last week, we came across Arthur's, a local bakery on the the island that has the best granola and these mini meringue key lime tart. They were just the right size dose of sweet, sour, buttery goodness, and I wish I had one right now... — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}

{closet & casa} with erin jang...


who: Erin Jang, Art Director, Illustrator, and Designer

why erin rocks: She was a former art director at Martha Stewart Living and Esquire magazines, and her modern aesthetic is filled with pops of fun and color!

in her closet: When I saw this dress a couple years ago at Anthropologie, I knew I had to get it. I adore prints, and this dress was so special because it looked like it was fashioned out of pages from a vintage children's book. I love the unexpected color palette {emerald green, mustard yellow, pink and navy} and the way the illustrations appear as though they are hand-painted onto the silk fabric.

in her casa: I love my set of stackable melamine Massimo Vignelli plates. I picked out a set of ten at an antique store in San Diego and lugged them home to New York in a carry-on bag. The vibrant colors and minimal design make me happy.

Thanks Erin!

{photos by Erin}

giant balloon awesomeness...





Perfect for a celebrating a birthday {or any fun occassion}, these giant balloons of delight from Geronimo make me so happy. What started as gifts {that Geronimo-creator, Jihan, made for friends' birthdays}, are now custom pieces that can be delivered locally in Los Angeles or shipped around the country! Check out this sweet little film to hear more about these whimsical balloon troopers! — Joy

{top two photos by Adrian Ragasabottom two photos by Natalie Moser}

hello 32...


I can honestly say I have loved my 30's...definitely the best years of my life so far. I understand now why people always say that it just gets better with age. A lot of that stress, anxiety, and lack of confidence about who you are and who you want to be just gets less and less. Today, I'm adding one more year to my 30's and turning 32! Thanks to all of you for your never-ending support and for following along for the ride...can't wait to see what this year has in store... — Joy

{pinatas from Party Box}