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{oh joy eats lunch with} lindsay laricks...


Who  Lindsay Laricks, owner of Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones

Where  Kansas City, Missouri

Time When my stomach reminds me that I need to feed it. Honestly, because I'm juggling so many aspects of my small business, it's not uncommon for me to arrive at 5pm and realized that I completely forgot to have lunch! 

What's a typical lunch for you? My favorite new place to go for lunch in Kansas City: The Genessee Royale Bistro. The chef/owner, Todd, makes simple and beautiful food, like this corned beef sandwich with aged gruyere, spicy dijon mustard, and homemade coleslaw on toasted country french bread. It's accompanied by a perfect sized three bite dollop of potato salad, mixed greens on the side, and a lemonade with a salted rim to drink! 

What's your dream/ideal lunch? If I'm not in Kansas City, then my dream lunch is the Manouri Cheese & Fig sandwich with slices of pear, arugula, and truffle oil at The Smile in NYC with a tall iced latte to drink. Otherworldly... I seriously couldn't speak! 

Dessert with lunch?  If I'm at Genessee Royale, I would get one of their sinfully decadent cookie sandwiches. Totally amazing. I usually share one with friends to lessen the guilt! But I have to mention, I just had THE best donut I've ever experience in my life during a recent trip to NYC from the Dessert Truck's brick and mortar shop. Their Nutella Donut was magical. Fried to order, yet somehow not greasy in the slightest. Light, airy, almost like a beignet. I felt like I was biting into a cloud filled with Nutella. It was heavenly.

Thanks Lindsay!
— Joanna

{lunch photo by Lindsay, photo of Lindsay by Brady Vest}

currently snacking on...



If you can believe it, I've actually been LESS into sweets and dessert since getting pregnant. That doesn't mean I won't still enjoy a scoop of ice cream or a slice of pie, but I don't crave cake and cookies the way I used to before baby. The things I want most are fruity, sour, and vinegar-y in nature, so these drinking vinegars from by Som from Pok Pok have been my newest treat. Som translates to "orange" in Thai but is also used to address things that are sour in taste. The vinegars come really concentrate, so I simply add 1:4 or 1:5 ratio of the drinking vinegar to sparkling water...and it's a light, refreshing, sour soda treat {and you don't taste the vinegar}! — Joy

[photos by Oh Joy, drinking glasses from Fishs Eddy, another recipe for drinking vinegar found here}

feeling like sketching in the park...


{1. Tucker blouse {or the pink version}, 2. Erasers from Fawnsberg, 3. Jil Sander neon strap flats, 4. Ban.do pom pom clips, 5. purse by Deep Dark Africa, 6. Campo Marzio notepads, 7. Marc Jacobs doe earrings. — Joy}

{recent work} kelsey nixon...



I've enjoyed working with more clients in the food industry since it ties together my love of food and design. So I was thrilled to work on Kelsey Nixon's new website. I've been a fan of hers since she was a finalist on The Next Food Network Star and love watching her show Kelsey's Essentials on the Cooking Channel. For her new site, I created a website and blog-in-one that serves as a one-stop-shop for her brand and behind the scenes footage and recipes for her adoring fans. You can see other recent work right here! — Joy

{design by Oh Joy!}

{closet & casa} with margot harrington...


who: Margot Harrington, freelance Graphic Designer & Blogger.

why margot rocks: She's a bit wacky and not afraid to show it! She's a lover of all things design and definitely has a way with words!

in her closet: The ampersand is kind of my trademark (it's even my twitter avatar) and this necklace was a thrifted birthday gift from a dear friend and fellow stuff-maker, Linsey Burritt. I have a rule that I can't purchase my own ampersand-memorabilia because I don't want it to overpower the rest of my style, but when someone finds a particular one and sends it my way, I can't help by fall in love. They serve as talismans from the thoughtful people I'm so lucky to have in my life.

in her casa: I find that I work best when I'm around my own treasures (who doesn't?), and for a time these two abstract letterpress prints consistently migrated all around our house until I discovered that I was happiest with them right in front of my laptop. Also a gift, they were designed and printed by Ina Weise. Ina's been living in Germany for the past year, finishing her degree, but she doesn't feel quite so far away with this stunning art right at my side cheering me on.

Thanks Margot!

{photos by Margot}

a taste of chicago in {sherman oaks}...


The other night I had a serious hankering for a Chicago-style hot dog. Up to the task of quelling a pregnant lady's cravings, Bob said, "Let's go get some!" So, we followed a recommendation from Rob ofTake Sunset {a Chicago native and fellow LA resident} on where to go for this must-be satiated fix in LA. Per his awesome recommendation, we went to QT's Chicago Dogs in Sherman Oaks, and twenty minutes later I found myself in hot dog heaven rolling around on a poppy seed bun shaped cloud. The spot is a hole in the wall deli/liquor store-in-one. But it's got some pretty mean Chicago style dogs worthy of satisfying my latest cravings on a whim. — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}

this & that...


...wear this Urban Outfitters dress, decorate with that West Elm duvet...


pattern play...




....super fun prints and pieces {the cat prints kill me!} by Leah Reena Goren... — Joy

little things for a little lady....


With less than four months till our little one arrives, we've been getting ready to order furniture, strollers, and beginning to stock our registry for all the basics we'll need. While I'm glad to have some of the more serious purchases figured out, it's always fun looking at the wee clothes and accessories they make for babies these days. — Joy

{1. Kit+Lili apple sunsuit, 2. Sugar Milk flamingo onesie, 3. Saltwater sandals {via Cup of Jo}, 4. Catimini dress, 5. Trumpette socks, 6. Stokke summer explory kit, 7. Madre Perla dress,

love these...


...striped backpacks from Poketo! So fun...they remind me of the one I got in Japan last year!