Oh JoyOh Joy

happy friday + hello third trimester...

Happy Friday friends! I begin my third trimester next week...so crazy how quickly time flies! As you can see, I'm maximizing my pre-pregnancy pants and shorts for as long as I can thanks to this ingenious tool. However, this little lady is gonna make it hard for my pants to stay on that way pretty soon...she's just about 2 lbs by now {according to typical stats}, and I'm up about 10 lbs. She's also set up camp on the right side of my belly. Did any of you mama's out there have a baby that preferred one side over the other? I imagine she's got a fort set up with some comfy pillows and a good movie in there too.

I'm heading on my last flight during pregnancy this weekend to Philly to see family and looking forward to meeting some of you Monday at my blog workshop! Have a great weekend all! — Joy

{iMac photo booth pics at 27 weeks. Corduroy pink pants from past season at the Gap (similar here), polka dot tee from past season at Zara (similar here), shoes from Liebling.}