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{closet & casa} with sally shim...


who: Sally J. Shim, Designer & Blogger

why sally rocks: She really is a craft queen! She even started a new blog dedicated to paper goods and fun DIY packaging ideas.

in her closet: I love simple and classic clothing. I tend to gravitate towards neutrals {grey is my favorite color}, and I love texture and interesting details. I made this dress last year from a Japanese sewing pattern using my favorite striped linen. It's really comfortable and can be worn all year long. My favorite detail of the dress is the raw selvage hem.

in her casa: My home is similar to my wardrobe with neutrals and classic pieces that have touches of texture and details. This Uniform Natural Asphalt Grass pillow is my favorite pillow in our house. I love the wool texture against the denim. When I saw my friend Martha's initial prototype I knew I had to have it.

Thanks Sally!
— Bri

{photos by Sally, portrait photo by Bonnie Tsang}