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happy friday + 10 things for a newborn...


Happy Friday folks! To continue on my new mom thoughts from last week, I wanted to share some items I've found super helpful during this first month with our little Ruby. 

01 / Having a diaper bag that serves as a my own personal bag as well is key. I love this Kate Spade diaper bag and Bob uses a Jack Spade laptop bag as his dad diaper bag.

02 / Ruby loves taking a warm bath...it puts her in an instant trance. And the Puj tub is perfect for her tiny self in the bathroom sink. It's soft and foamy and drains itself when the water gets too high. If you turn the heater on and make the bathroom extra warm, they love it even more...like a baby spa!

03/ Their tiny nails are so sharp, and they have no idea what their hands do {just yet} so these Satsuma Design baby mittens have helped prevent her from getting all scratched up like Bruce Lee

04 / Because her crib and bassinet can feel so open and spacious {after 9 months in a cozy womb}, she's loved this super soft Jacadi baby sleep sac that her Auntie B gave her. She's not a big fan of swaddling, but when we do swaddle, the Miracle Blanket is our favorite.

05 / We got this super modern Mamaroo baby swing as a shower gift, as well as this Boppy newborn lounger which Ruby loves when she's awake and just wants to hang out.

06 / While What to Expect the First Year is a great guide to have around for random questions, this Eat Sleep Poop book was the best all-around book in preparing for the baby. It covers lots of areas and gets right to the point which we loved.

07 / Because all babies loved being rocked, we have a DwellStudio glider in the baby room and this West Elm rocking chair in the bedroom which Bob uses a lot in the middle of night when soothing her.

08 / I love little pieces that remind us of our babe wherever I go. I recently got some tiny Ruby stud earrings and this Maya Brenner initial necklace as symbols of my little lady. {Maya has kindly offered a special discount of 10% off for Oh Joy readers using discount code LETTER10}. I also love these tiny initial rings from Catbird.

09 /If nursing, flowy and comfy tops like this and this from Japanese Weekend are so helpful. I also love these Lamaze nursing bras for nighttime.

10 / Finally, these Pinhole Press or Blurb photo books make great gifts for grandparents, especially those who are far away like ours.

I'm sure my list will grow as we discover more and more about our baby. So, I'd love to know...what are some of your newborn favorites? Oh, and have a great weekend guys! — Joy