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my very own elva fields...


I was delighted when Emily from Elva Fields invited me to work with her to design a custom necklace for her new Leading Ladies project where she uses the inspiration that I give her to design my very own Elva Fields necklace ...um, yes!

Here's how it happened...I sent her a Pinterest board of things I love...colors, textures, images, along with some of my favorite past pieces that she's made in the past. She used them for a buying trip where she came back with a slew of beads and baubles she thought fit the bill and then showed me about 10 or so different combinations...a few of my favorites...


I loved the turquoise and white beads as well as the yellow and green jeweled clusters and asked to see those jewels on my favorite color beads as well as on some kelly green beads. I suggested trying to stripe the beads as well like this...


While I loved the striped versions, I thought that along with the jewels and the colors, it was too much all at once. So I narrowed it down to the white pair and a solid green pair as my favorites. While I loved the white, Emily convinced me that the green option would be just the perfect pop of color, and she was so right!


Thanks Emily! What a fun project! You can see more about our collaboration right here! — Joy