Oh JoyOh Joy

{make it} marshmallow tea latte...



I'm a big tea drinker. And as a new mom, I've been needing my caffeine fix now more than ever. I love milk teas and tea lattes for that added creamy texture so I've been making milk tea at home, but the process can take a while to slowly steep the tea in milk over the stove top. But this morning as I stumbled into the kitchen in my early morning haze, I figured out a super easy version...stick marshmallows in your tea! You're never gonna believe it, but it adds both the creaminess and sweetness that makes a latte so satisfying, and you can control the level of sweetness...one marshmallow or two? Yes! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy. chili pepper marshmallows by Red Bread, bowl by Dinosaur Designs.}