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my {daily} uniform...


As much as I'd love to say I wear a completely different outfit every day of the week, the truth is, I fall into a comfort zone and tend to have a couple "uniforms" that are my go-to's on a regular basis. Right now, I split my day between mom mode and work mode with these two sets of staples.

At home...I pretty much live in these StyleMint pants. They are so comfy for being home with the baby, but the best part is they don't look like pajamas. So if I have to pop out for a second, I'll put on some cute sandals and a slighty more feminine top like this one by Club Monaco.

When I head out {often for a meeting or breakfast with friends}...I'm all about well-tailored but comfortable pieces. Most often, I'm wearing a patterned top, a cropped blazer adorned with some Ban.do poms, a bright pair of jeans, and comfy but fun flats. So, friends...what's your go-to outfit? — Joy