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oh joy {eats} umamicatessen in downtown la...


My favorite local burger spot, Umami Burger, recently opened a deli-style offshoot called Umamicatessen in downtown Los Angeles. Consisting of a multi-part menu, it's like five mini restaurants all in one. In addition to the usual Umami-style burgers, there's Pigg for cured meats, The Cure for deli-style staples, a donut menu, a coffee bar, and a separate liquor bar. Since I've had their burgers on multiple occasions, this visit was meant to taste test the new components of Umamicatessen.


We began with some fried snacks...including french fries {topped with a whole lot of goodness}, pork corn, and cracklin. Then, the highlight of my meal—the Chef's Picks of 8 cured hams. Cured meat is probably one of my favorite things ever {I missed it SO much when I was pregnant}, so I was sitting pretty in some serious ham heaven. I loved sampling some world class hams presented simply on sheets of kraft paper. Needless to say, my salt intake for the day was at an all-time high, but it was worth every penny.


As a finishing touch, we ordered every single donut on the menu. Yep, all six {go big or go home, right?}. My absolute favorite was the version with meyer lemon curd, yogurt glaze, and freeze-dried blueberries. It was sweet and tart, moist and savory...and the perfect ending to a fun meal with friends. — Joy

Umamicatessen / 852 S. Broadway / Los Angeles, CA 90014 / 213.413.8626

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang. Space designed by SO|DA. My outfit: top and shorts by J.Crew, necklace by House of Kami, shoes by Liebling.}