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While in San Francisco, I came across Filipino silvana cookies for the first time at an ice cream shop, and I'm kind of in love. It's a crunchy, creamy, frozen cookie with butter cream sandwiched between two cashew-meringue wafers and coated with cookie crumbs. It looks like a bigger, flatter French macaron, but it's lighter, melts-in-your mouth, and is kind of refreshing {which you don't often say about a cookie}. I had the coconut {above}, chocolate, and mocha-flavored silvanas...yum! Now, I just need to find them locally... — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}

a case of the monday's...


Hope you all had a nice weekend! We had a fun 48 hours in San Francisco...eating {of course} and seeing a couple friends along the way. It was a bit hectic traveling for the first time with the baby, but in some ways it was better than I had expected too. Ruby did great on the plane and enjoyed the new scenery of a new city. I also learned a few things we'll do differently next time and will post a few more photos from the trip later this week!

I feel lucky that I rarely get a case of the Monday's. I love what I do and rarely dread having to work, but after a weekend away, I just want one more day to decompress at home before the week starts. I love these day of the week illustrations by Paul Blow. I totally know what these funny guys feel like today... — Joy

ps. I'll be at Lucky FABB today and will be tweeting from there if you want to follow along!

happy friday + away we go...


Happy Friday friends! Today, we're taking Ruby on her first flight ever. We're heading to San Francisco for a little weekend adventure. It'll be fun to see how she does with a bit of traveling and brand new sights and sounds in a new city. I've been nervous all week hoping I don't forget the things that I think a baby needs {and probably a ton she won't need}, wondering how she'll be on the plane all couped up, and curious how the airport experience will be with all our extra baby gear. Luckily it's a short flight, and I have a very calm husband so fingers crossed that it will be smooth sailing. If not, we're bringing ear plugs and lollipops for the other passengers nearby. Hope you guys have some fun adventures planned for the weekend! — Joy

{Instagram photo by Oh Joy}

quirky little guys...


I love illustrations that make me laugh because they are just so silly or quirky or cute. And these little owl prints by Ashley Percival are so sweet with their funny hats and glasses... — Joy

{oh joy eats dessert with} hannah queen...


Who  Hannah Queen, photographer and food blogger

Where Blue Ridge, Georgia

Time 3:30 pm

What's a typical dessert for you? I never order dessert out, so when I eat it, it's usualy something I've baked at home. My desserts are pretty simple and not too sweet. I love things like honey tapioca, lightly sweetened fruit pies in the middle of summer, and tart citrus desserts in the winter. This is a leftover maple buttermilk tart that I created for a blog post. It has a hazelnut crust which is my favorite thing ever. I topped it with extra whipped cream and toasted hazelnuts. 

What's your dream/ideal dessert? A dessert picnic in the middle of a forest. Little tarts, jam cookies, and towering cakes—I'd invite all my friends.

How often do you treat yourself to dessert? About once a week, or whenever I need to write a blog post! 

Thanks Hannah!
— Joanna

{photos by Hannah}

{3 ways to wear} a colorful pleated skirt...


I've been obsessed with finding a pretty pleated skirt in a fun color. When I look at pieces that are sort of random and maybe not so versatile, I remind myself of something my friend Beth always does. When she's contemplating a purchase, she has to be able to figure out three outfits she could put together with that item. If she can't think of at least three, she won't buy it. Kind of a good way to justify purchases, hunh? — Joy

{BB Dakota Pleated Skirt with 1. ASOS Heart Sweater, 2. J.Crew tank, 3. Elizabeth and James blazer}

{closet & casa} with martha mcquade...


who: Martha McQuade, Clothing Designer and owner of ScarfShop

why martha rocks: I can't think of a more perfect spring scarf than Martha's hand-dyed beauties!

in her closet: I bought this Mary Meyer scarf a few years ago and have worn it several times a week since. I'm always cold, so having a scarf close by is a necessity. The graphic print appeals to my architectural nature and black and white looks good with everything. I do a lot of dyeing, so am often wearing an old t-shirt and jeans. So I like to throw on this scarf, run out the door, and feel "dressed".

in her casa: The intaglio print was made by local Minneapolis artist Brian Aldrich during his Jerome fellowship at the Highpoint Center for Printmaking. I love it because it's geometric and has two different readings. From far away it looks crisp and graphic but up close you can see the fine pencil lines and imperfections that tell you it was hand drawn. I know Brian and bump into him occasionally at art shows and sales around the city so I value having work around me that comes from people I know personally.

Thanks Martha!

{photos by Martha}

painterly prints...




I'm a big fan of Michelle Armas' paintings and thrilled to see she's now offering prints! As much as I love original paintings, they're not always in the budget so her prints are perfect for indulging in a bit of pop on my walls... — Joy

{photos by Michelle Armas}

a little pool party at kate spade...


A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hosting a little summer "pool party" at the Kate Spade store at the Americana at Brand here in LA as part of a summer style blogger series. It was a fun way to kick off the summer season, support one of my favorite brands, and to meet some of my awesome readers. Thanks so much to everyone who came out! It was so fun meeting in person! And you can see a post about the event from one of our guests right here, a fun bit on Instagram, and Kate Spade's post right here! — Joy

{photos by Bonnie Tsang. My outfit: Hana Dress, Rosewood Dot Necklace, Isabel Heels}

this & that...


...wear this pair of Cole Haan flats, decorate with that CB2 club chair...