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One of my weaknesses in life is ice cream. I've been getting over a cold and eating pints by the spoonful this week as it seems to be the cure to all my ailments. During this same week, I got to try Jeni's Super Pop Cakes collection {ice cream with cake mixed in!}, and I'm pretty much in love with the Mango Kiwi frozen yogurt with angel food cake mixed in. It's sweet, tart, and creamy—all accented by light and fluffy bits of cake...um, yes cake! And so worth it to have it shipped from Columbus, Ohio! And for those of us in Southern California, select flavors of Jeni's are now being carried at Gelson's and Bristol Farms markets...dangerous, yet awesome news... — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy, ice cream from Jeni's*, egg cups from West Elm}