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happy friday + the pause...


I'm currently reading the best parenting book I've ever read called Bringing Up Bébe about the wisdom of French parenting. I've read a lot of books while pregnant and also after having our baby, and there is something about this one that speaks to me in a way that no other book has. Not only is it an easy read, but I love how it mixes in an interesting story with prose on how the French parent and why their kids tend to be very polite, well-behaved, and patient. But it's also not preachy and lets you take what you will from it. It's a book I seriously want to give to every new parent I know...

Anyway, there is a part in the book that talks about "The Pause". From birth, when babies cry, French parents don't come running to them right away. They certainly don't leave their babies crying forever, but they'll wait a few minutes to see if the baby settles themselves or if they are truly in distress and need something. Something as simple as waiting just a few more moments before rescuing the baby not only teaches them to self-soothe {one reason French babies sleep through the night sooner} but it also teaches patience and that they will not get everything they want right away. These babies turn into toddlers and children who can sit at the dinner table and play on their own and be calm yet attentive while everyone is enjoying their dinner together...not rushed, chaotic, or what you'd imagine a dinner with kids to be like. I love many of the ideas in the book—some which we were already practicing with Ruby and some which have inspired me to rethink the way I interact with her.

But I've also realized that taking this pause, might actually be good for myself in my own life {separate from anything having to do with my baby}. Sure, maybe pausing before downing a whole pint of ice cream is a good idea, but also, waiting just a bit longer before replying to a negative comment that someone left on my blog, or letting myself marinate on a new idea that I have and waiting till morning to see if it has legs. Because sometimes things turn out better when I don't rush into everything. What do you guys think? Do you take that pause sometimes?

I hope you have a great weekend filled with lots of happy pauses... — Joy

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{Instagram photo by Oh Joy of Ruby happy, then not so happy!}