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...wear this J.Crew sweater, decorate with that Hello Milky cushion...


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...a mango, graham cracker, and vanilla ice cream bon bon. Ruby's been eating mangoes by the spoonful these days, so I've always got diced up mangoes on hand. I wanted to make myself a little tropical treat and concocted these ice cream bon bons that taste just like a mango creamsicle...

Simply fill half of a mini ice cream scoop with ice cream, add some diced mangoes, and fill the rest of the scoop. Then roll the ice cream balls in crushed graham cracker crumbs. Wrap each one in plastic wrap and store in freezer for little bite-sized snack you can pull out at a moment's notice... — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}

dressing like summer...





Someone once told me that I'm always dressed like summer. It was such a sweet and simple statement, but I love thinking about that when getting dressed because wearing lots of color really does make my day sunnier no matter what the season... — Joy

{Instagram photos by Oh Joy} 

happy friday + a whole new world...


A couple weeks ago, our lives changed forever...Ruby started crawling. For a couple months prior, she had thoughts about crawling and scooted backwards or maneuvered around inch-worm style, but now it's full-force, let-me-get-at-that-thing-you-don't-want-me-to-touch crawling. It's pretty amazing viewing the world from her new eyes as she discovers a new room for the first time or an object that she previously could never reach {I'm also getting my daily workout by chasing her around}. Needless to say, we've got lots of things to move around and baby-proofing has officially commenced. Once we're done, I'll be sharing with you how we're going to try and keep some of the style of our home while making the changes needed for Ruby's safety. I'll end today short and sweet and wish you a weekend full of little adventures and discovering things right under your nose in a whole new light... — Joy

{Instagram photo by Oh Joy}

{outside/inside} a quirky cloud...

oh joy | outside/inside | cloud house

OUTSIDE / The Cloud House sits besides an inviting pool, proving that the architects at McBride Charles Ryan can balance playfulness and modernity. This house inspires...

oh joy | outside/inside | cloud house

...an INSIDE that's all fun and games, but in a very grown-up way. What could be more exciting than an overstuffed gingham chair, colorblocked rugs, and striped candles, all with hints of whimsy? I picture a budding photographer lives here; someone with a real eye for color and a passion for seeing life through the viewfinder... — Joanna 

{left to right, top to bottom: striped taper candles from Leif, colorblocked wool rug from A+R Store, ceramic clock from Woonwinkel, shuffle table from Horne, piazza gingham chair from CB2, mineral birdhouse from Terrain, blackbird fly twin lens reflex camera from Poketo, cord table lamp from The Future Perfect.} 

{Cloud House image from Arch Daily}

the juggle...


Some of you fellow moms or moms-to-be {or future moms thinking ahead} have asked about my schedule, how I attempt to balance work and baby time, and how I prepped or planned for all the change before Ruby came into our lives. Now, I have to say I fully believe that "balance" isn't the right word to use because balance implies that it all works out perfectly somehow. Rather, as mentioned in this quote, it really is about the juggle...how can we make it work within our own situations. It's not always pretty or perfect, but in the end it works. I've hesitated writing this post until I felt like I had experienced a little bit more of my new life as a mom. I'm sure my methods will continue to change, but now that I am at a pretty good place with it all {and believe me, there were many tears before I got to this place}, I thought I'd share some of my experience with you and how the juggle works for me. So here are a few of my tips for you {and also how I personally handled things} for those of you out there who are interested. Now, just a note—because I am self-employed, my way of handling things is a little different than if I worked for someone else and had to go back to a 9-5 job. But hopefully some of these things still apply to those of you who are not self-employed...


my {road trip} uniform...

oh joy | my uniform | road trip

I have been itching to pack a small bag and hit the road for the weekend, so I'm planning a little trip to Big Sur, California. I'm going to leave the heels at home this time and pack a couple of carefree colorful outfits {and maybe a sequin skirt} for a date night out! — Bri

{On the road (top to bottom): J.Crew overnight bag, Steven Alan tee, Mara Hoffman shorts, K Jacques St Tropez metallic sandalsSummer nights (top to bottom): Scotch Naturals nail polish, Romwe sweater, Topshop sequin skirt, Madewell flats.}

family fun...



I've been a longtime fan of Famille Summerbelle for their gorgeous city paper cuts. And now, they're coming out with a book next month full of projects for the whole family. I love seeing peeks into their family life too and how their home is reflected in their signature paper cut style. — Joy

{Be Creative with Famille Summerbelle, edited and published by Edition Paumes, photos by Hisashi Tokuyoshi}

this & that...


...wear this Thief and Bandit headband, decorate with that Jennifer Sanchez print...


15 courses of sushi heaven in {glendale}...



A few weeks ago, we bid farewell to my friend Autumn and her family as they head to Hawaii for work. Since we both had babies within the last year or so, we're still catching up on all the sushi we missed during our pregnancy and decided to visit Sushi Nishi-ya in Glendale for omakase-style sushi. If you've never had omakase before, it basically means "chef's choice" and each course comes out based on what the chef thinks you'd enjoy. While they'll take into account if there's anything you don't eat, they make it clear that the more you're open to, the better your experience will be. We eat pretty much everything, and I love being able to leave the decision-making up to someone else. You also get to decide when to stop. So you could have 4 courses or 30. Here's a little sampling of 9 of the 15 courses we had. I was so, so full, but really so content afterwards. It's such a fun meal to enjoy with friends as you delight in what will come next... — Joy

{iphone photos by Oh Joy}