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I used to be so good at writing thank you notes, birthday cards, and just sending out lots of mail to those I care about. Sometime in the last few years, I slowly got worse and worse at it...and now I find myself feeling pretty guilty when I sent out cards late. Or not at all. So, I'm trying to revive my note-writing spirit by stocking up on some cute cards that I can't let go to waste. Fingers crossed...we'll see if that helps! — Joy

{Photo by Oh Joy. Notes by Fig. 2 and Rifle Paper Co.}

one of each...


When I was a kid, I used to want my favorite clothing item in every single color it came in. You know, like that hoodie with rhinestones or that jelly glitter bracelet? Lately, I find myself wanting to do that again with really great quality basics that come in the best colors... — Joy

{top to bottom: Baggu bags, Nature Baby striped booties, Land of Nod lamp}

a petite story...


In celebration of their new Petites collection, I was recently included in a story by Anthropologie about my petite style and some of my favorite looks from fancy to everyday! I was given freedom to have the photos shot anywhere, and my own home felt just right for showcasing some of my favorite pieces and how I'd wear them within the context of my real life. You can read the full story and see more details on the pieces I wore in their magazine {it's currently featured their homepage too—eep!} and see a few of my favorite outtakes from the shoot below!


The scenes included an ice cream party for entertaining, a snippet from a weekend moment while hanging a mobile, and a play date with my favorite little lady. It was so fun being featured beside fellow petite pal Dallas, too! Thanks so much to Anthropologie for having me and to Bonnie for her beautiful photos! — Joy

{photos by Bonnie Tsang for Oh Joy + Anthropologie, hair & makeup by Megumi Wakabayashi.} 

this & that...


...wear this pair of Topshop flats, decorate with that Ferm Living tea towel...


currently snacking on...


Oh, California...how I love you and your magical fruit! The other day I found these candy stripe figs at our local grocery store and had to try them. In season for only three weeks a year, this variety of fig has flesh that looks like raspberry jam with a slightly tart and more juicy flavor than regular figs. And with its beautiful candy cane skin, it's probably one of the prettiest fruits I've ever seen...

{photo by Oh Joy}

my {blog, inc.} book tour...


I'm excited to announce the cities and dates of my Blog, Inc. book tour this fall. It was really tough narrowing it down to a just handful of cities, but I'm happy to be able to make it to a couple more places that we didn't get to during my last book tour. Every event will include a Q&A portion of the evening, where I'll answer your blogging questions. For those of you in other cities—please don't feel left out—I'll have plenty of fun things to share with you in October including my book trailer, Q&A's, giveaways, and more...

To RSVP for any of the events above, please visit West Elm's Events Page on Facebook. I'll be sure to post reminders for the October and November book parties when it gets closer.

A note to Chicago...while the tour was intended to officially start in October, I had a last minute opportunity to go to Chicago in a couple weeks, so we're going to have a pre-launch party with you guys in Chicago on September 5th! While the book won't technically be out by this date, we'll be sure to have them for purchase that night at West Elm, so please RSVP by September 29th so we can make sure to have enough copies for everyone.

I can't wait to see what you guys think of the book, and I look forward to seeing some of you in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Austin in the next couple months! — Joy

love these...


...colorful & geometric jewelry by Kate Miss... — Joy

happy friday + 10 months with ruby...



Ruby turned 10 months over the weekend! It's so crazy to think how fast time flies. As we head into the weekend, I leave you with...

10 ways I've changed in my 10 months as a mom:


a farewell to summer picnic...

oh joy | dining style | farewell to summer picnic

{1. lavash crackers from New York Mouth, 2. painted wooden forks from Petit Moulin, 3. summerberry sangria mix from Terrain, 4. Gordy's sweet chips, 5. neon bowls from Wind and Willow Home, 6. beverage napkin from Target. — Joanna}

my go-to gift wrap...



I remember when I first heard about washi tape. I was crazy excited and amassed rolls by the dozen because it was something I could keep around that was just crafty enough for me without requiring too much time to make something look cool. I'm sure you've seen all kinds of washi tapes around the web over the last couple years, but I still love using it as my go-to for wrapping gifts because I never seem to have any real wrapping paper lying around. Last week, I bought these limited edition washi tapes with these amazing patterns and colors {hello gold foil and neon!} from Crafty Japan, and it was perfect for a friend's upcoming birthday gift. I usually stick to two or three different colors or patterns and simply cross them in both directions until you cover as much of the paper as you want! — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}