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a little facelift...



You might notice a little redesign showing up today. With a bit of a change I mentioned on Friday, I thought it was also time to update the blog design. The inspiration from the new design comes from the wall above my desk. I bought a bunch of these vintage pant hangers five years ago, and didn't know what to do with them until I began decorating my studio last year. They ended up being perfect for displaying prints, images, fabric, and other things that are currently inspiring me.

I love that this wall is always changing, and I'm constantly hanging up stuff I find and come across. My blog is meant to be the virtual, sharable version of what's on my wall, so why not bring that feeling to my blog as well? I spray painted one of the hangers in gold and took a photo of it to use for each post. And then I worked with Maricor/Maricar to embroider an updated version of my logo. Didn't they do an amazing job? Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the little update! We're still working out some tiny kinks so please let me know if you have any issues or have any quirks on your browser. Thank you!

ps. We arrived in Chicago yesterday for the week. Look forward to seeing some of you tonight for the first stop on my book tour!

{top photo by Oh Joy, bottom by Maricor/Maricar}