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to gift or not to gift?


I can't believe Ruby's first birthday is coming up next month! In-between prepping for my book tour, I'm trying to figure out what we'll do for her birthday. We're thinking about having her party be a no-gift party—we have such limited space in our house {and terrible storage}, she has plenty of toys, and I feel like she won't really enjoy the idea of presents until she's a little older anyway. I'd rather have our friends and family come, eat great food, and just celebrate our one year with Ruby. Or even donate to a charity, instead. What do guys think? Is she missing out if we ask guests not to bring presents? If you were invited to a no-present party and were asked to donate to a charity instead, would you actually do it? — Joy

p.s. Thanks SO much to everyone who came to Wednesday's book signing in Chicago and to West Elm for hosting. I had so much fun meeting and chatting with all of you! To the girl with the mint green bag who asked me about having more babies, can you shoot me an email (hello[at]ohjoy.com)?

See you in a few weeks San Francisco!

{Instagram photo of Ruby at 10.5 months. her hair clips are from StellinaB.}