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happy friday + ruby's dol...


Being born to a Thai mom and a Korean dad, Ruby's sure to have lots of cultural celebrations in her lifetime. For Bob's side of the family, we celebrated her 1 year birthday with a traditional Korean Dol celebration last week in Philly. The main part of the celebration includes a fortune-telling ritual, where various objects are placed in front of the baby, and the object that is picked gives an indication of what she'll be in the future...




Ruby chose the money (in her right hand) which symbolizes wealth. Then, her second pick was a bow and arrow (shown in her left hand), which symbolizes bravery. We celebrated the occasion with family, friends, and a ton of delicious homemade Korean food made by Bob's mom. It was a really fun and special day. I'm looking forward to celebrating her birthday one last time this weekend with our friends and family here in LA! Have a great weekend guys!

{Thanks to Hannah for organizing her Dol!}