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wish i had thought of that...

I get so inspired by seeing some of the crazy-creative solutions that people come up with. Here are a few wonderfully cool things I've been loving lately...


Del Popolo, a mobile pizzeria in San Francisco, specializes in rustic Neapolitan-inspired pizza (my favorite kind!). It's pretty much the coolest food truck I've ever seen and wishing I could go get some right now. The ingredients change daily so they're always offering up new pizza flavors baked up on the spot in 60 seconds.


Sian Zeng's magnetic wallpaper makes for an interactive surface for kids to play with and create scenes and stories of their very own with these beautiful animal magnets.


Finally, the already funded Instant Lab by The Impossible Project lets you turn your iPhone photos into real polaroids. While I love the instant nature of capturing a moment on-the-spot with a Polaroid camera, it can get pricey when the photos just don't turn out. With the cost of Polaroid film being so pricey, I love the idea of being able to print only the best photos of moments that seem to so often get captured on your phone.

What else have you guys seen lately that's blowing your mind with creativity?

what i did in san francisco...


Last Thursday, I spent 24 hours in San Francisco's East Bay for the 2nd stop of my book tour. Although it was a quick trip, I made sure to fit in some good eats and see my friend, Lisa's, new baby, Theo. It was my first night away from Ruby, so we Skyped before I headed out to my book signing (which was fun until she cried after realizing I wasn't actually there). Once I wiped away my baby-missing tears, we had such a fun book party. Chloé, who created my trailer, made a life-sized version of the pie truck from the video for the Smilebooth and brought the props from the video for display. It was an action-packed and super fun day. After a day back in LA, we flew off to Philly to visit family while in town for my NY Book Party on Thursday!

ps. For those that attended the book party, the photos are now up right here!

{Photos by Oh Joy, except bottom from Smilebooth. Above photos: Top by Lauren Moffatt, insanely good ice cream from Ici in Berkeley, little Theo is the first little man I've seen in an Oh Joy romper, Ruby's headband from Sara Rae Shop, fried chicken sandwich from Summer Kitchen in Berkeley, and a moment in the pie truck Smilebooth}

happy friday + my blog, inc. book trailer

You may have seen the debut of my new book trailer on Design*Sponge yesterday, but I'm excited to share the trailer for Blog, Inc. with you guys here too!

When brainstorming ideas for this trailer, I knew I wanted to do something fun, like my last one, but in a completely different medium—and I wondered how I could show a day in my life in a new way. So I worked with the amazing paper cut illustrator Chloé Fleury to create scenes that are inspired by my daily life and topics I love blogging about, with the hope that they'll spark a little inspiration for you guys, too. I hope you enjoy what we came up with! Have a great weekend, everyone!

ps. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the book party in SF last night! I'll see you next Thursday, New York!

{Special thanks to Chloé Fleury for her amazing work and to Frances England for the music!} 

{how i'd wear} a patterned jacket...

Oh Joy | How I'd Wear a Patterned Jacket

This month is all about mixing patterned statement pieces into your wardrobe. Now that we're dipping into fall, I thought it would be fun to show you how I'd transition the bright patterns and colors of summer into my fall wardrobe!

While I'm not huge into animal prints, I almost fell over when I saw this new jacket from Emerson Fry. Patterned jackets can feel intimidating, but a neutral one like this pairs well with so many colors and other patterns as well. (And because it's not super cheap, you definitely want to be able to maximize its use with different options.)

For this look, I chose two colorful pieces: coral pants and a cobalt-blue bag. By focusing on just a couple of colors and keeping everything else neutral, the outfit feels bright without being overpowering. Also, when I mix patterns, it's all about scale. The pattern on the pants is much smaller in scale than the jacket; therefore they work together without being pattern overload. Stay tuned this month for more of my favorite pattern-on-pattern fall looks!

1. Emerson Fry jacket, 2. StyleMint tee, 3. Forever 21 bracelet, 4. Baggu suede tote, 5. Trousers from Madewell, 6. Zara flats.

ps. see you tonight San Francisco!

{illustration by Jennifer Vallez for Oh Joy}

feeling like i love you in french...


When I decided to study French instead of Spanish in high school, it was purely out of the romantic notion that someday I'd go to France and impress everyone with my knowledge of their beautiful language. While it certainly came in handy during my trip to Paris in college, I sadly don't get to use those skills in my day-to-day life here in LA. So, I'll just pretend I still parlez Français and share these fun French-phrased pieces with you that I'm currently loving...

01. Rifle Paper Co. card, 02. Yellow Owl Workshop pendant, 03. Anek print, 04. Kate Spade bracelet, 05. Garance Dore for Kate Spade pull over, and 06. Atsuyo et Akiko onesie 

sweet & savory indulgences...

Oh Joy | Brioche and Dark Chocolate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You guys know that food is probably my favorite pastime. So when I get a chance to take a break from work and schedules and baby duties, snacking on something delicious (usually in chocolate form) is my instant heaven. While I have a huge sweet tooth, as I've gotten older I can't eat things that are crazy sweet anymore. I used to cringe at dark chocolate and now often crave dark chocolate over previous love, milk chocolate, from sweet tooth's past.

I love the idea of bringing a bit of sweetness to savory foods, so I asked my friends over at Heirloom LA to help me come up with a couple indulgent, yet super easy, recipes to share with you guys that provide instant comfort. We paired Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate with savory ingredients for a twist on the always classic (and always comforting) grilled cheese and tomato soup. Our version is a Brioche and Dark Chocolate Grilled Cheese Sandwich paired with a Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Soup. And, the best part is they both take less than 20 minutes to make.

I apologize in advance if I'm about to make you REAL hungry...


{oh joy eats} on the lot la...


I love that LA has such a huge variety of food trucks all over the city. I guess the weather here really makes for easy eating on the fly, hunh? But it can be really hard to track those trucks down, and a lot of them tend to stick to regular locations which are often on the other side of town. So we love it when there's a bunch of food trucks all at one place. A sampling from each truck? Yes, please!

Almost every Monday night, Bob, Ruby and I head to Los Feliz for a weekly gathering of food trucks called On the Lot. They have different areas of LA they set up at on different nights, but on Monday nights On the Lot is in Los Feliz—which is the neighborhood next door to us. Eating there has become a weekly ritual, and we love meeting up with friends there, too. They announce their weekly lineup on Twitter, so it's fun to see what new trucks are coming each week.

Here are a few of my favorites from past visits...


These Crispy Pork & Shrimp Potstickers with Curry Aioli & Sweet Soy Reduction from the Asian Cravings truck...


Lobster Tacos from Cousins Main Lobster...totally the California version of a Lobster Roll!


Strawberry shaved ice with blue honey boba and drizzled with condensed milk from the Fluff Ice truck...



...and the crazy awesome variety of boba milk tea drinks from the Boba Truck. I get a decaf almond milk tea so that I'm not wide awake that night and take home a jasmine milk tea for the next day's treat. While there are some weekly regulars, most of the trucks change every week, so we've been able to try so many new ones. Do you guys have food truck nights like this where you live? It's seriously one of my favorite things to do in LA! 

On the Lot LA | 2060 N. Vermont Ave. | Los Angeles, CA 90027 | 5:30-9pm

{First and bottom two photos by Bonnie Tsang for Oh Joy. All others are Instagram photos by me. My outfit: StyleMint tee, necklace c/o A-Thread. }