Oh JoyOh Joy

happy friday + little food adventures...



Over the holiday break, we had a total staycation. We decided to stay put this year and recover from all the traveling from my book tour this past fall. I was worried I'd be so bored at home for a week, but it was actually amazing. Bob was off from work, too, so we just hung out with Ruby, took turns sleeping in, played at the park everyday, and ate at our favorite spots...no schedule, no set plans...we just lived each day as it came. And we ate a lot! We went to our favorite Thai restaurant, Korean fried chicken spot, go-to soup dumpling place, burger joint, and French bakery. Since food is so important (and fun!) for me, it's always so fun taking Ruby around to enjoy my favorite foods. It was definitely one of the best weeks I've had all year... 

Have a great weekend guys!

{Photos by Bob Cho at Proof Bakery.}