Oh JoyOh Joy

let's do this, 2013!

Happy New Year guys! For the last several years, I've been anti-New Year's resolutions. I felt like I was telling myself to do the same things year after year, and that they should be things I work on all the time—not just at the beginning of the year. But lately I've come back around, and I think the best way to improve yourself is to tell someone else about your resolutions. It kind of keeps you in check, you know? So this year I've decided that in addition to reminding myself of some things I need to do better, also give myself a little credit for the things that went well last year to keep on doing... 



As much as I don't want to do it, and as much as I know it's not good for me, I need to be better at not comparing myself to others. Someone is always going to be smarter, more talented, a better multi-tasker, and more successful. I need to remember what my talents and strengths are, and let them stand out.


I am terrible with change. I like my comfy spot on the couch. I like the way I have a million tabs open on my browser even though it slows down my computer. And I like wearing flats in the winter even though my feet are cold. But sometimes (oftentimes), change is good, and brings with it a new perspective or a better way of doing things—even though it feels really uncomfortable at first. I have a feeling I'll always be working on this one, but c'mon, change...I'm ready for ya!


Last year, I focused so much on being a great mom that I didn't focus as much on being a great wife. I need to always remember how our little family started in the first place—with the love, respect, and admiration Bob and I had for each other long before Ruby arrived. With every new phase in life, we change and grow, but remembering how we got there keeps us flourishing through it all.



I wasn't always such a family girl, but my priorities definitely changed last year...for the better. Ruby put my life into better perspective. Even though I love my job, I no longer put it first. And you know what? It made me more productive, happier, and more content in all areas of my life.


While I still have a hard time not being busy, I've learned to appreciate the simple things a little more. I don't need to have a crazy schedule of activities lined up, I don't have to travel to a million different destinations—I don't have to do it all. The best memories often come from the everyday.


One thing my mom taught me from a very early age was to dream big. Sometimes you feel silly for wanting something that seems impossible. But you know what? It's better to try and get it than to sit there thinking it's impossible, right? I've got lots of fun projects, new businesses, and ideas I want to make happen this year. So, let's do this!

So, tell me friends...what's one thing you're working on improving this year and one thing you can pat yourself on the back for? I'd love to hear yours, too! 

{All photos by Bonnie Tsang, except baby goat photo by Bob Cho.}