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things worth splurging on in your 30's...


It's really in the last few years, since I've entered my 30s, that I've begun to feel comfortable with the idea of spending more money on a few really important things—things that will last forever, are timeless or are really worth the extra bucks. 

When I finished college and was first starting out in my career, not only did I not have the budget to buy higher-quality pieces, but I also lived in a tiny studio apartment and didn't have the space to start collecting things I could keep in the future. But there's something about your 30s that feels more permanent. You're usually a little more financially stable and are closer to a place where you want to start adding to your permanent collection. So here are a some things that I've learned are worth splurging on in my 30s...


Good pots and pans: I've lugged the same pots and pans from my first apartment in 2001 to every new home I've had since then. And you know what? They're rusty and warped and just in need of a refresh. So last year, we replaced half our kitchenware with new pieces that are higher-quality, and hopefully, will be around for the next 5-20 years. The idea of spending more than $100 on a pan might seem crazy, but not if it will last you a long, long time, unlike the cheap-o ones I'd always used before.

My favorites: 01. Le Creuset braiser, 02. Kaico tea pot. 03. Mauviel Dutch oven, 04. Williams-Sonoma cast iron pan.


Skincare & beauty: Up until I turned 33 last year, I used drugstore products on my skin: Oil of Olay lotion, Neutrogena face wash, and Dove soap. They've been my staples since high school, and I never really had a reason to change them, or saw any reason why it was worth buying the fancier, more expensive products—that is, until I tried them. I've definitely noticed a change in my skin texture and undereye circles, and once I learned how to put on basic makeup (after a seriously helpful makeup lesson last year), I learned the value of good brushes, too.

My favorites: 05. One Love Organics cleanser, 06. Restorsea eye cream, 07. Restorsea day cream, 08. Laura Mercier cheek color brush, 09. Laura Mercier smudge brush. (I'll have to get into my favorite makeup another time, as that's a separate post in itself!)


Boots: The first time I went looking for a pair of leather boots, I just about peed in my pants. I was in my mid-20s and the idea of spending anything over $75 on shoes just wasn't in my mental capacity. But it soon became clear that a lot of leather boots start in the $200 range, so I saved up for my first pair of Nine West boots that were a little over $200. And you know what? I still have them to this day, I and get the most compliments on them of all my shoes.

My favorites: 10. Loeffler Randall leather boots for the fall, 11. the always-classic Hunter boots for rain and snow, 12. Madewell booties, 13. Sperry Top-Sider boots for winter.

What pieces do you guys splurge on? And did you feel less guilty about splurging as you got older?

{Top photo by Bonnie Tsang}