Oh JoyOh Joy

i got an office space!


You guys...the other day, I signed a lease on my new studio space! I've been slowly outgrowing my home office, and with new employees, regular photo shoots, and larger projects, it's come time to get an outside space. It's also become harder to work from home. When Ruby sees me, she screams, "Mama, Mama!" and my heart melts because I can't always hang out with her.

I won't lie. The idea of having more rent to pay per month, on top of my home, kind of makes me nauseous. But hey, you have to spend money and take risks to grow, right? So, here's a little peek at the space. It's airy, bright, and has really tall ceilings. We're getting rid of that red floor and carpet area ASAP, and we have a bunch of other fun ideas for making the space feel like a great place to work. My friend Emily is going to be helping us design the office, too. I'm super excited to see where it will go from here...stay tuned!