Oh JoyOh Joy

happy friday + besties...



Lately, we've been watching the sweetness of a budding bestie friendship forming between Ruby and her BFF Leah (they are five weeks apart in age). They have little conversations with each other in their own secret baby language, they'll offer food to each other when we're out at a restaurant, and when you ask each of them who their best friend is...they'll respond, "Rooo-by" or "Ye-ya". Watching them made me think about best friends in my own life...

As a kid, I always thought I had to define one single person as my best friend in all the world. But as I got older, I realized I could have more than just one. While I'd call Bob my go-to best friend/husband, each of my closest friends have a special meaning to me and a certain type of relationship we share. I really can't choose just one. Every friend is there for you in their own way and in the best way they know how (as my friend Bonnie reminded me recently). Even if it means standing guard while your bestie kisses a boy she likes...


Have a great weekend, friends! Go ahead and tell your best friend(s) how much you appreciate them!

{Photos by Bob Cho. Ruby and Leah's leggings by House of Mia, Ruby's shoes by Brother Vellies, Leah's shoes by Freshly Picked.}