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fields of color and pattern...

Izutsu Hiroyuki

Izutsu Hiroyuki

Izutsu Hiroyuki

Izutsu Hiroyuki

I've been drawing lots of patterns lately for a project and always inspired by the color and patterns in photographs and paintings. So I'm currently loving the work of Izutsu Hiroyuki and his landscape paintings of the Japanese countryside. I'd love to live in a world that looks just like this...

happy friday + celebrating dad...


Happy Friday friends! Today is Bob's birthday, so we're heading into a double celebration-mode this weekend with his birthday and Father's Day (Ruby is ready to party if you can tell!). Wishing you a great Father's Day weekend with the guys in your life who always stand by your side, whether near or far...

{Photo of Ruby by Jennifer and Jihan for The Art/Mo Project. Ruby's top is DVF for Gap Kids, moccasins c/o Freshly Picked.}

currently snacking on...


...chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate (yes, it's that time of month!) from Wild Ophelia. The Southern Hibiscus Peach, Peanut Butter and Banana, and Sweet Cherry Pecan are like homemade slices of pie in chocolate form. And, with a side of rainier cherries...my sweet tooth is happy...

{Photo by Oh Joy}

the art of being a goal-getter (part 2)...


I'm so glad you guys enjoyed Part 1 of "The Art of Being a Goal-Getter" last week. I introduced this mini series with my own career history, and in Part 2, I want to share five tips on how to be a goal-getter in your own life...


just some little things...


...I would wear/decorate with/use if they came in my size...

{01. Gold heart pillow from Uncommon Goods, 02. Hansel from Basel socks, 03. Ryan Campbell kids' oxfords from Brika, 04. Seed Heritage sweater, 05. Heritage Bicycles, 06. Offi table and chairs (for keeping treasures!).}

Make Someone Happy - No. 09: A Blooming Surprise...

With the start of summer just around the corner, flower season is in full bloom (no pun intended) around here. So, for this month's Make Someone Happy video, we're sharing a simple and fun way to surprise someone: an archway of flowers! Whether you're welcoming someone home from the hospital after they've had a brand new baby, wishing a friend a happy birthday treat, or just sending an "I think you're awesome" surprise, it's a pretty treat to leave for someone to come home to.

We simply used vine-covered wire and floral tape to wrap and secure the flowers (dusty miller, spray roses, stock, and peonies) to whatever length of floral arch you want. You can even make a tiny one, like I did to the left of the door. I simply secured both arches to the doorway with clear push pins.

Thanks so much to Yasmine Floral Design for being my guest this time, and to Individual Medley for sharing their beautiful space!

P.S. You can follow along with all the Oh Joy videos by subscribing to my YouTube channel right here!

{Video: ModShift. Music: Fremont, licensed from With Etiquette. Production assistants: Julia Sir and Casey Brodley. My floral blazer from A-Thread.}

happy friday + time for yourself...


For the last year or so, I've been really bad at making time for myself. I have barely exercised (I used to work out five times a week!), I've hardly watched TV (I used to veg our for hours after work every night), and I can't remember the last time I got a massage (my favorite treat!)! Part of me has been really cranky, and I didn't realize why until recently. I spend all of this time taking care of my family, my business, my house...but I forgot to take care of myself. Have you guys found yourself doing this too? It's easy to say you're too busy or don't have time, but I am tired of that excuse. Because the bottom line is...you make time for things that are important. And giving yourself a little treat or some downtime every so often is important.

So as we head into the weekend...let's all make a little time for ourselves, shall we? Do something simple, satisfying, magical, relaxing, or indulgent. Just for you.

P.S. Thanks so much for all your kind words from my first Goal-Getter post this week. I was really touched by all your comments and emails. Part 2 coming next week!

{Photo by Bonnie Tsang}

beautiful maps...

Masako Kubo
Masako Kubo
Masako Kubo


Masako Kubo

Masako Kubo

Even though I never use maps in real life (and heavily rely on my car's GPS to get around), I've been obsessed with maps lately and the different ways that they can be presented. I'm loving the work of illustrator Masako Kubo. The way she draws maps make me want to wander around whatever city or area she's capturing.

a peaceful space for a little one...





Recently, a couple of my friends—Max and Margaux Wanger—welcomed their beautiful son, Dash, into this world. Not only are Max and Margaux seriously talented photographers, but they are also going to be the best parents to their sweet boy. For Dash's nursery, they worked with Morgan from The Brick House and photographer Sharon Montrose of The Animal Print Shop to create a baby's room around Sharon's newest addition to her Baby Animal collection—the baby elephant.

Just as elephants are so calm yet striking, this room is the same for Dash. I love the small pops of color that tell you a baby hangs out here, but he'll totally be able to grow with the room as well. This is just a peek...you can see more photos over at Sharon's blog right here and see the sweet baby elephant print right here.

{Photos by Joe Schmelzer for The Animal Print Shop}

the art of being a goal-getter (part 1)...


A couple weeks ago, I was the keynote speaker for Alt for Everyone—the online version of the awesome Alt Summit conference. Rather than talk about tips for blogging and repeating things you can already find in my book, I wanted to focus on my talk on one major thing that I think makes for a successful businessperson: Being a "goal-getter". Since I received a lot of great feedback on the talk and really enjoy the subject, I'm going to do a two-part post (a mini version of my presentation for Alt) sharing with you how I've gone about being a goal-getter in my own life and tips for you on how to be a goal-getter yourself.

To begin, I have to say that I think we often look at successful people and assume that they must be really lucky or have "connections" that have helped them get to where they are. Sure, there's often a little luck involved and knowing certain people in certain situations can be helpful, but I fully believe in going after what you want in life. 75% of the business successes I've had are ones in which I sought out the opportunities and pitched myself or my ideas in order to make them happen. It's all about knowing what your goals are, then taking the right steps to achieve them.

So for the first part of this series, I'm going to share a bit of my career history with you guys, tell you how being a goal-getter is something I learned at a young age, and show how I have applied it throughout my life...