Oh JoyOh Joy

the things you do when you don't have a backyard...


When we found our current home in L.A. a few years ago, we fell in love with the view and the location in the Silver Lake hills. We didn't care that there wasn't a backyard or any outdoor space because we had a balcony overlooking the city. And at that time (pre-baby), a cool view was all that mattered. But now, all I want is a backyard. Sure we go to the park and play on the street outside our house, but I want Ruby to have an enclosed area to run around and play. It's amazing what I'd give for even just a 5x5 foot patch of grass! Even with our lack of outdoor space, I've somehow managed to figure out her favorite activity of all time...


The most exciting thing to enter Ruby's 20 month-old life is a water table. Ruby has played with water tables in our friend's backyard and loves them. So I recreated it at home with a large plastic bowl, some of her bath and beach toys, and instant entertainment was born. We brought it to our friend's house during a BBQ and propped it on a little side table (above), and she was occupied for over an hour.





At home, we just hang out on the stoop (Brooklyn-style) with our little water table on our front steps. It seems really cheesy in theory, but she doesn't care (or notice) that it's not a real table. It has water, toys, and vessels for pouring over and over again. One day, we'll have a nice big yard where she can run around and play. But for now, we're making the best with what we've got...

Do you guys have any other ideas for on games we can play outside without a yard?

{Photos by Bob Cho. Ruby top photos: shirt from My Little Square, pants by Mini Boden, Ruby bottom photos: Hoodie by Frankie & Ava, leggings by House of Mia, sandals by Saltwater.}