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hers & mine...




An on-going photo journal of our often similar things and moments...

top | Hers: little gold Avarcas. Mine: classic gold Avarcas (the most comfy sandals ever).

middle | Hers: Loft dress. Mine: Cloth & Stone dress.

bottom | Hers: My Moon blankets, Baggu weekend bag.

See past ones right here...

{Photos by Oh Joy}

happy friday + unpacking...



Happy Friday guys! We flew home from Paris yesterday, and it was a pretty exhausting flight. 11.5 hours later, we were all loopy and tired and in bed by 7:30pm last night. I could barely keep my eyes open, let alone get to my computer. We had an amazing trip, and I'm looking forward to sharing more photos with you next week!

As I'm unpacking, I wanted to share a peek at a few of the little things I bought in Paris. I'm especially in love with these little insulated zipper pouches by Maison Georgette I got at Bonton and this owl cuff by Medecine Douce (the Weird cuff is from Mr. Kate here in the states). And, you can't leave Paris without bringing home some Ladurée macarons...

Have a great weekend all!

P.S. For those of you who subscribe to Oh Joy by email. We had some hiccups last week with our server and the email didn't go out for several days. Sorry for any inconvenience—it's back to normal now!

{Photo by Oh Joy}

quirky little cars...


When I see cars carrying silly or unexpected things in real life, it always makes me laugh and imagine where the the items are going (a bunch of mattresses on a car, a ton of pumpkins in a pick-up truck, or a car full of balloons). So I love these cards by Dear Hancock that share all the things that may not be realistic but would be so fun to come across on the road...

P.S. My dream cars...

a little trailer + your thoughts on video...

Since I've been working on more videos lately, I decided to make a trailer to tell about some of the things you'll be seeing on my YouTube channel. I know videos can be tough to get into (sometimes you're at work and can't watch them or you're trying to watch from your phone but don't have great wifi) but I hope you guys will stay tuned as we develop more Oh Joy videos in the months to come.

Speaking of videos...I'd love to know more about whether you actually watch these videos (or any others online). Do you like videos, not like them, prefer short ones, etc? If you have a few minutes, I'd love your feedback in this little survey. Thanks so much!

{Trailer video by Modshift}

flights of fancy...

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

I'm not a big drinker, so when I hear about wine flights or beer flights, my mind wanders to dessert. I'd much rather fill up my calories on a treat of the sweet kind. Tasting flights are all about starting with the lightest version of a taste and getting bolder and more interesting with each piece. So I decided to share how I'd savor each piece of a flight of chocolate using one of the six flights in these GODIVA Truffle Flights™ (I chose the cake truffles).

Each truffle in the series is placed in the box in order for the ideal tasting experience. And because each bite has it's own taste and story, I wanted to pair each with their own complementary "shot" of my favorite relaxing drinks. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, I encourage you to try making your dessert (whether it's simply ice cream, chocolates, or potato chips) into a really fancy flight. It will make even the simplest snack feel more luxurious and indulgent...

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

No. 01 - Birthday Cake truffle + milk: Any dessert is pretty special with a glass of ice cold milk, especially when it tastes like a birthday party in one little bite.

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

No. 02 - Pineapple Hummingbird + mint tea: When I was pregnant, I drank so much mint tea to calm my nausea. I have been in love with it ever since. Simply add fresh mint leaves to hot water, and it steeps in no time. Paired with a fruity bite of pineapple, banana, and white chocolate, the mint tea is even better. 

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

No. 03 - Cheesecake + an iced latte: An iced latte is my favorite afternoon pick-me-up when I'm feeling a little sluggish. Add a creamy bite of cheesecake-inspired chocolate...and, ummm, amazing.

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

No. 04 - Red Velvet + green tea: I love pairing chocolate with my favorite tea of all: green tea. The slight bitterness from the tea balances out the sweetness from the cocoa in this morsel of red velvet.

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

No. 05 - Chocolate Lava + Iced Mocha: I've been loving iced mochas lately as a morning or afternoon delight. Take a bite of dark chocolate with a sip of an iced mocha, and it's like a mini version of a very fancy dessert.

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

No. 06 - Lemon Chiffon + coconut water: Finally, top it all off with a refreshing sip of coconut water and a lemony bite of white chocolate.

I love the idea of keeping a box of chocolates and only having one a day. By enjoying just one each day paired with a tasty drink, the one bite becomes an indulgence to look forward to. 

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with GODIVA. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for Oh Joy. 

{Art direction and styling by Oh Joy. Photos by Casey Brodley.}

7 years...

Today, Bob and I celebrate 7 years of marriage and 17 years together in total (see us back in '96 when we started dating? We were so young!). People talk about the seven year itch, and I've always wondered if I'd feel it. I can say that this year was the toughest year of marriage for us yet. We had a lot of new factors on our plate including our new baby (and deciding how to raise her), finally being established with our jobs (and the decision to take care of our families), and simply just changing and growing both together and on our own. It was certainly a year full of both ups and downs (mostly for me as I struggled with juggling it all), and luckily we came out of it stronger and with a better understanding of ourselves and each other. 

Marriage is not perfect. Marriage is by no means easy. But if you are lucky enough to find someone who complements both your good days and your bad days, that's what makes it all worth it.

Happy 7 years to my much better half and for standing by my moments of both tears and laughter in our life together.

P.S. See our prom picture. And the anniversary cards I make for Bob each year that I shared last year...

happy friday + hello from lyon...



What do you do when you're in France? Eat baguettes the length of your body, that's what! We're enjoying the sights, sounds, tastes, and playgrounds of Lyon this week and head back to Paris tomorrow for the rest of our trip. I've been trying to Instagram here and there when I can, but I'll share more photos and adventures from our trip when we return.

Have a great weekend!

three ways to wear black & white pattern...


I love wearing pattern, and I am often asked how to wear bold prints when you're scared of pattern or overwhelmed with how to mix them. So, I decided to show you three different ways to incorporate pattern in your everyday wardrobe with a focus on one of fall's trends—black & white. It's all here in my first style video ever! I hope you guys enjoy it!

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See all sources for the outfits below. For any items over $50, I included budget-friendly versions as well!


little memories...

Oh Joy Family | photo by Lovechild

With so many talented photographer friends, we've been very lucky to capture Ruby's childhood with a myriad of beautiful photos. Our friends Annie and Raya recently started a pop-up studio for kids' portraits called Lovechild. Their style is fresh, fun, and modern, and lets the child's personality really shine.

Oh Joy Family | photo by Lovechild

Oh Joy Family | photo by Lovechild

Oh Joy Family | photo by Lovechild

Oh Joy Family | photo by Lovechild

It's so easy to get caught up in only taking photos of your little one, so I try and make sure we take photos of our whole family together every so often. Time goes so fast, and photos like these are ones we'll look back on and cherish forever. We took these photos almost five months ago and already Ruby has grown so much since then!

Based in Los Angeles, Lovechild be popping up with more photo sessions soon, so stay tuned...

{Photos by Lovechild. Striped giraffe is by Jennifer Muskopf from many years ago so I am not sure if she still makes them. Ruby's dress from Tea Collection, shoes by Freshly Picked.}

how to make vintage clothing work for you...

Oh Joy | How to Make Vintage Work for You

I have always loved the idea of vintage clothes because it's a great way to incorporate unique pieces into your wardrobe that you can't find just anywhere. But it took me many years of buying vintage (and not wearing the vintage pieces I bought) to realize that I just don't have the body type for vintage clothes. I have some friends (like Bri and Jen) who can wear it so well right off the rack. But vintage always tends to be too large or too small on me in certain areas. So, I finally figured out that if I really love a piece, I can make most of them work with easy alterations. A simple hem, cut of the sleeve, or taking in here and there, and it's instantly so much better...

Oh Joy | How to Make Vintage Work for You

Outfit 1: I loved the pattern on this skirt the instant I saw it, but it felt a little too formal with its length. By hemming the skirt just a few inches above the knee, it became more playful. Paired with a casual tee and jacket, the skirt is now the star of the outfit.

{Vintage skirt from Salvage Life, tee from Madewell (past season), denim jacket by Citizens of Humanity, vintage belt, shoes by Anthropologie}

Oh Joy | How to Make Vintage Work for You

Outfit 2: I'm telling you, these vintage patterns get me every time. This skirt was clearly way too big when I bought it, but the pleats and the pattern won me over. By simply shortening it (just above the knee is my favorite length) and bringing it in an inch on the sides, the skirt now fits like a glove.

{Vintage skirt from Salvage Life, chambray tee by Crewcuts (past season), vintage belt, shoes by Anthropologie.}

Oh Joy | How to Make Vintage Work for You

Outfit 3: The color of this skirt just blew my mind! It was way too long and had frumpy written all over it, but I knew I could make it work. I kept the length a little longer here to fall just below the knee, and now it's a flirty skirt that can be dressed up or dressed down.

{Vintage skirt from Arsenic Kitty, top by Boden, jacket from Anthropologie, vintage shoes.}

Oh Joy | How to Make Vintage Work for You

Outfit 4: This top screamed out my name with its fruity print and blast of color. But the fit was much less desirable. It felt too poufy as a long-sleeved top, so I decided to have the sleeves cut into a simple short-sleeve blouse and the sides brought in a bit. Now, it's a top with a summery punch of color that I'll love for years to come.

{Vintage blouse from Wear It Well Vintage, shorts by Whit (past season), sandals by Kate Spade (past season).}

All of a sudden, these frumpy pieces with patterns and colors that I love turned into well-tailored pieces I can actually wear. So I encourage you to think twice when you see a piece that isn't quite right. I spent about $15-20 on each of these alterations at my local dry cleaner. If the changes are pretty simple with a shortening of the hem, sleeves, or sides (and not major repairs), it's so worth having a great piece that's totally unique and totally you!

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy}