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happy friday + around the studio...

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Happy Friday guys! We've been busy working on some big projects coming out that are filling up a lot of space in my brain lately. I really, really want to tell you about them, but I can't. I'll tell you soon though...I promise! In the meantime, I will try not to feel guilty about my delayed blog posts lately and make sure you know how grateful I am that you stop by here daily or weekly or however often you do.

Here's a little peek at a video we were shooting yesterday with Jenner Brown. I keep doing things that scare me to challenge myself—it's terrifying but thrilling all at the same time.

{Photo by Jenner Brown}

flowery things for when you have a black thumb...

Oh Joy's Living Room | Bust Planters

Do you guys remember these bust planters in my living room? You may have seen them in my home makeover or when we baby-proofed our living room with Emily Henderson. Supposedly, succulents are the easiest plants to keep alive but I cannot seem to make them last. We've gone through at least four sets of plants that have come and sadly...gone. I either water them too much or I water them too little. I added rocks at the bottom, I tried filtered water, and sigh...I finally replaced one of them with a (don't hate me) faux succulent plant. I just couldn't stand the thought of losing another real plant to my black thumb...

Anyway, if you're like me in the plant department, I thought I'd share a few other beautiful floral things for your home that don't require a sophisticated green thumb...

Paper flowers by Blooms in the Air

Paper flowers by Blooms in the Air

...like these gorgeous paper flowers by Blooms in the Air...

Vikki Chu Illustration

...the sweetest floral illustration prints by Vikki Chu...

Floral Paper Straws

...and these cool floral paper straws from Terrain...

{Top photo by Oh Joy}

little bits of happiness...

Oh Joy and Boden | On the line

Oh Joy and Boden | All in Blue

Oh Joy and Boden | Making Pizza

Oh Joy and Boden | Hey there

One of the things I treasure most these days are the simple moments that I get to enjoy with Ruby. I used to feel like things had to be really over the top or involve big adventures for things to feel special, but now, I'm appreciating the every day so much more.

Through mid-February, I'll be sharing some of my favorite moments of happiness over on my "Little Bits of Happiness" Pinterest board in collaboration with one of my favorite clothing lines, Boden. Whether it includes fun DIY activities to do with kids, fun mother/daughter outfits I've put together (like the one below), or simple everyday moments to savor, I hope you'll follow along for a bit of joy each day.

Oh Joy and Boden

P.S. Boden is offering a chance to win a $1000 gift card. See how right here...

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Boden. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting these sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for
Oh Joy.

{Photos by Bob Cho} 

a few of my favorite apps lately...


There's no question that it's fun to add graphics to photos to share on Facebook and Instagram, and the Obaby app makes it easy to add text and graphics to existing photos. I personally love adding little illustrations to photos, but the time lines for baby bumps and month-to-month photos is super cute, too. (And it's currently 80% off in the App Store!)


Ever since Apple updated their iOS, I haven't loved the way the new Calendar interface works on my iPhone. Bonnie recently introduced me to Sunrise which has a much cleaner and intuitive interface for keeping track of your calendar.


As a continuation of Endless Alphabet (one of Ruby's favorite apps), Endless Reader takes it to the next level to help kids put words together and understand how they fit into sentences. Ruby loves this one, too, and loves hearing about the story and context behind words.

What apps do you love that are part of your daily routine right now?

P.S. my last set of favorite apps...

{oh joy eats} breakfast at république...

Oh Joy Eats / République in Los Angeles

Oh Joy Eats / République in Los Angeles

It can be really hard to find good breakfast spots that are open during the week. So when the new L.A. hot spot, République, decided to offer breakfast in addition to dinner, I had to see what it was all about. And, guys, I am hooked. While they don't serve savory breakfasts yet, the sweet breakfast they offer is off the chain. These are some of the best pastries I've had in Los Angeles. Period. Crème brûlée donuts, canelés, cookies, éclair, homemade breads...all so fresh and melt-in-your-mouth good. Get ready to drool...

Oh Joy Eats / République in Los Angeles

Oh Joy Eats / République in Los Angeles

Oh Joy Eats / République in Los Angeles

Oh Joy Eats / République in Los Angeles

Oh Joy Eats / République in Los Angeles

The space itself is gorgeous, too. It's light and airy and full of beautiful, architectural details...

Oh Joy Eats / République in Los Angeles

Oh Joy Eats / République in Los Angeles

Oh Joy Eats / République in Los Angeles

They also have some of the most comforting morning beverages like Hong Kong Milk Tea, Vietnamese Coffee, and a slew of others that aren't your everyday coffee and tea selections. I've been there twice in the last week if that says anything...

République | 624 S. La Brea Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90036 | 310.362.6115

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy} 

party portraits with art/mo...

Art/Mo Project Portraits

Last year, we were part of the first Art/Mo Project where photographer Jennifer Young and balloon artist Jihan Zencirli of Geronimo take these amazing and fun party portraits. They're having another session next week in LA and had to share this opportunity with you guys for those who are local.

Art/Mo Project Portraits

Here are a few images from our session as well as some of my other favorites. The next one will be this coming Wednesday, January 29th-Friday, January 31st in Echo Park at the Geronimo Studio. Each session is $200 and will be around 20 minutes. Participants will receive 10-15 hi-res images that will be available for online download. Anyone interested can email [email protected] with what day you are interested in scheduling a session.

It's so much fun! Ruby has a ball running around in all that confetti!

{Photos by Jennifer Young}

a pretty floral updo...

Oh Joy + Irrelephant | Pretty Floral Updo

As you guys may remember from my last beauty post, I am pretty lazy when it comes to hair and makeup. I rarely use a hair dryer because I don't really know what to do with one. And my version of an updo usually consists of some sort of ponytail or messy bun. So I love it when people who know what they are doing in the hair department teach me some skillz (yep, the "z" means we mean business). The girls from Irrelephant were in town recently and taught me how to create this easy floral updo which took less than 15 minutes and looks so, so pretty. It's perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day...or really, any day that you just want a little extra floral pep in your step! Here's how...

Oh Joy + Irrelephant | Pretty Floral Updo

1. First start by prepping your hair. Any updo stays longer when there's a little grit in your hair using hair spray or texturizing spray. If you have straight hair like I do, curl the hair loosely with a curling iron and then break it up with your hands. This adds texture and volume to start the 'do off on the right foot. 

2. Begin by picking up top crown section of hair (the section that starts around your temple) and tie it with a small clear rubber band or pony tail holder.

3. Flip the pony inside out like a topsy tail! 

4. Next, grab the hair that's left over and tease it with a comb. Grab a one inch section from the left side and pin it over to the right past the pony tail part. Grab one inch of hair from the right side and pin it over to the left past the pony tail and place a bobby pin or two to secure.  

5. Continue and repeat #4 by pinning over another section of hair from the left and right sides and pinning them to secure. 

6. Once the top part is secure, divide the remaining hair at the bottom into two sections. Tease one section and roll it under up into the base of your head and pin until it's secure. Repeat on other side until your updo is complete. Spray with hairspray to set. 

7. To add flowers, snip the stems to a couple inches in length and use bobby pins to secure the flowers in place. You may need some help for this part, or you can feel it as you go, and pin the flowers as you like...the more free-flowing and organic, the better! We chose softer flowers that would also look pretty as they wilted so that you can go a for a day or evening with them on your head.

Oh Joy + Irrelephant | Pretty Floral Updo

Oh Joy + Irrelephant | Pretty Floral Updo

Enjoy! Let me know what you guys think. And if you try it, I want to see! A special thanks to Joanna and Molly at Irrelephant for helping me figure out this whole hair thing...

{Photos by Casey Brodley. Updo by Irrelephant. My dress is by WHIT.} 

a {healthier} coco-nutty chocolate fudge treat...

Coco-nutty Fudge

Everyone has one of those friends who is really good at making a healthier version of everything. My friend Lauren from Lithe Method makes a healthy lifestyle part of her job and is always coming up with creative solutions for a sweet treat. I had some of this fudge she made and couldn't get enough. The best part is all of the fats are really good for you and come from just nuts and coconuts. So, here's a recipe for what I like to call "Coco-nutty Chocolate Fudge".

Coco-nutty Chocolate Fudge (adapted from Lauren's Lithe Fudge)
Prep time: 10 min
Serve time: 1 hour

You'll need:
1 cup raw cashew butter (store bought or homemade)
2 tablespoons coconut manna
3 tablespoons coconut oil
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup of unsweetened shredded dried coconut (optional for extra crunch)
course sea salt to taste (I like about 1/2 teaspoon)

Here's how:
1. Mix together the nut butter, coconut manna and coconut oil until smooth (this is much easier if ingredients are at room temperature).

2. Add in the cocoa powder, honey and sea salt and stir until creamy. 

3. Transfer the mixture to a dish, lined with parchment paper or plastic wrap for easy removal.

4. Place the dish in the freezer, and allow the fudge to set for an hour before slicing and serving. Due to the coconut manna/oil mixture, the fudge will become pretty soft if it's left out for a while, so it’s best served directly from, and stored in the freezer. Enjoy!

{Photo by Oh Joy. Recipe adapted from FitHipHealthy.}

hers & mine...

Oh Joy | Hers and Mine

Oh Joy | Hers and Mine

Oh Joy | Hers and Mine

Oh Joy | Hers and Mine

An on-going photo journal of our often similar things and moments...

top | Visiting one of my besties and watching our girls bond instantly.

middle | Our growing vintage Block Chromatics collection...

bottom | Learning how to swim in swimsuits by our friend Marysia.

See past ones right here...

{Photos by Bob Cho/Oh Joy}

love these...

lamps by OneFortyThree

The perfect mix of glam, industrial, and vintage-inspired, these lamps by OneFortyThree have me dreaming of how I'd light up every room in my dream house...

{Photos by OneFortyThree}