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Floral Brooch DIY

Floral Brooch DIY

I loved it when back in the day, dapper gentlemen would wear a flower on their lapel on any given day. Brooches are always a fun fashion accessory for me, so why not combine two of my favorite things together into a floral brooch? With a small vessel for water, it can be worn for both a special occasion or really for any day you just feel like bringing a little sprig of sunshine wherever you go. It’s extra fun when you can pull the flowers from your own garden too!

Floral Brooch DIY

When planting my garden, I mix in Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Flowers & Vegetables to improve my existing soil and get the flowers off to a great start. You can snip flowers from your garden based on what’s currently blooming. 

Floral Brooch DIY

You’ll need:

-½ in wide straws

-gold duct tape

-E6000 Glue or super glue

-brooch backing pins

Here’s how:

1. Cut straw to about 1 inch. To secure the bottom end, cut into a triangle (see image above) then fold the triangle flap to one side making sure it's secure enough and folded high enough so that there are no openings.

2. Tape securely with duct tape. Then wrap the entire straw with duct tape covering the entire straw base.

3. Glue the brooch pin onto the back. If using E6000 glue let dry overnight.

4. Once dry, add water and flowers of your choice.

Floral Brooch DIY

Because you’re giving the flowers a little vessel of water to sit in, they’ll last a whole day at least without fading. You can also keep them cool in the fridge the night before you’re ready to give them or wear them!

Floral Brooch DIY

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{Creative Direction by Joy Cho, photos by Casey Brodley, and crafts and styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy}