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Oh Joy / Bite Size Style

There's nothing cuter than tiny little clothes! So to inspire some back-to-school style for your mini me, here's a bite size video we put together showing a few of our favorite layered outfits for fall. There's plenty of mix-and-match patterned goodness in classic Oh Joy style.

And, you can see all sources for the clothing below...

#1 Dottie Dancer
Target Dotty Sweater
Lot 801 Triangle Leggings
Freshly Picked Moccasins Neon Pink
Similar Target Denim Vest

#2 Campfire Cutie
Target Striped Long Sleeve Collared Tee
Target Camouflaged Cargo Pants
10is Neon Yellow Sneakers
Target Puff Vest

#3 Sweet Dreamsicle
Target Popsicle Onesie
Thief & Bandit Desert Floral Leggings
Burt’s Bees Ruffled Dress
Brother Vellies Gold Sneakers

#4 Antsy Pantsy
Hello Apparel Not So Tired Onesie
Similar Target Denim Pants
Burt’s Bees Terry Zipped Hoodie
Freshly Picked Ant Moccasins

#5 Fluffy Flyer
Target Long Sleeved Striped Sweater
Lot801 Striped Leggings
Target Grey Sneakers
Similar Target Jacket

#6 Blooming Bubblegum
Target Floral Sweater
Target Floral Leggings 
Target Faux Fur Vest 
Target Floral Sneakers 

Brought to you by Oh Joy + Target
Creative Direction by Joy Cho
Video by Jenner Brown
Production Asst: Julia Wester
Graphics/Illustrations: Angie Stalker
Music is "La La Love" by The Likes of Us
Photo stills by Casey Brodley