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The other day, Ruby wanted to play dress-up and asked me for a princess dress to wear (yes, the dreaded princess phase has started!). Since we don't have any play dress-up clothes, I pulled out a flower girl dress that was sitting in the back of her closet that she had never seen before. Her eyes lit up as I helped her put it on. She immediately walked over to the mirror and stared at herself for a good five minutes. She didn't know I was listening, and I overheard her saying...

"Wow. I am sooo beautiful. My hair is so beautiful. My dress is so beautiful. I look really beautiful today."

At first, I found myself laughing to myself like, "Oh boy, what kind of kid did I create?" and then, I realized I was asserting my adult judgement on what I overhead. If you overheard a grown-up woman looking in the mirror saying that same set of phrases, most people would scoff at her and think she was full of herself. Yet, when a child does it, it's super cute and innocent.

As adult women, often we look in the mirror and pick apart the things we don't like about ourselves rather than finding something we love. I am super guilty of it lately as I obsess over the last five pounds of baby weight around my mid-section.

What I loved most about Ruby's reaction to her reflection is that it was full of self-love, but also it was just super honest and she didn't care what anyone else thought. She didn't ask me if I thought she was beautiful. She made that decision on her own.

Without getting too Start Smalley on you, it's a way of thinking that we could all do a better job at for ourselves.

{Photo via Amanda Rydell}