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Oh Joy to the Rescue!

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages by Oh Joy!

You guys! I’m excited to announce our newest products—BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages by Oh Joy! & First Aid Kit by Oh Joy! For your tiny boo and their boo-boo’s, we’ve partnered with Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies to design bandages that help cover up cuts and scrapes. The products add a playful twist to iconic first aid staples. Ruby is obsessed with BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages and tries to convince us to let her wear them even when she doesn’t have an ouchie.

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages by Oh Joy!

No one likes it when they get a real cut or scrape, but I wanted to be able to inject a little fun into the healing process with some of our favorite Oh Joy patterns in a variety of colors and sizes!

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages by Oh Joy!

The handy First Aid Kit can be used to keep on hand at home, in the car, at the office or in your purse so that you are always prepared for any mishaps.

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages by Oh Joy! are available only at Target stores and Target.com for $2.49. The First Aid Kit by Oh Joy! will be available only at Target stores and Target.com, free with the purchase of three qualifying items (such as BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages, NEOSPORIN® + Pain Relief Ointment, BAND-AID® Brand of First Aid Products Gauze and Tapes, and Extra Strength BENADRYL® Itch Stopping Cream).

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages by Oh Joy!

I’m super excited to wear these myself, too, and to finally have a cute First Aid Kit to keep on hand at home and at my office! This has been a dream product to design, and I hope you guys love them, too!

P.S. Share your snaps of your new first aid products by Oh Joy! with the hashtag #OhJoyToTheRescue!

career day / a painter...

Kim West

Kim West

Career Day at Kim West's Studio

Career Day at Kim West's Studio

In our newest Career Day, I took Ruby to visit the studio of Kim West, a painter living and working in Downtown Los Angeles. We came across one of her amazing murals recently, and after that I had to see and learn more about her. So one afternoon, I picked Ruby up from school and said "We're gonna go paint at an artist's studio! You can paint right on the wall, and it's okay if your clothes get dirty." She was more excited for this then the day that puppies came to our office.

The minute you walk into Kim's studio, the saturated colors, beautiful line work, light, and wit come through in her work and in every inch of her space. She's warm, kind, and as the mother of two kids...she armed Ruby with a paint brush, paints in every color, and gave her an afternoon to remember. Here's a little more about the life and work of this amazing painter...

Career Day at Kim West's Studio

Career Day at Kim West's Studio

What’s your background and when did you start painting? / I was taught to hold a paintbrush before I learned to walk or talk. Though she's semi-retired now, my mom is an art teacher and art historian, and as such, creative play and art education were a part of my daily childhood for as long as I can recall. And still, though I always found painting and making things to be as natural and necessary as breathing, I never labeled myself as an 'artist'. This changed for me when, at the end of my first year of a pre-law schedule at a Smith College, I decided to transfer to the painting department at Rhode Island School of Design. In every sense of the word, that choice was a relief.

Career Day at Kim West's Studio

When/how did you figure out your signature style? / My work is essentially the result of an on-going series of responsive investigations to what is happening around me, and so it’s continually evolving. In all of that, it is fair to say that strong, emotive color is a constant for me, and the use of it is a thread that connects disparate bodies of my work together. 

Kim West

Best part about your job? / My first summer job at age 10 was working on an assembly line in a fertilizer plant. Throughout college and for a while after, my jobs were mainly in restaurants and bars where I waited on lots and lots of tables. Most of these jobs ranged from truly terrible to blah, but the experience of them serves as a reminder to recognize that as a painter, I never feel like I am working a job. Although painting is work, and that work can be hard or stressful or frustrating at times, in general it’s also my sanity and without the ritual of its’ practice I am sad and lost.

Worst part about your job? / On a bad day, feeling like a teeny drop in the gigantic art-world bucket.

Career Day at Kim West's Studio

Favorite Day of the Week? / A Sunday/Monday crossover. I love Sundays with my husband and children - starting out lazy and then spending time outside with no agenda other than to enjoy the day and see where it takes us, typically for a hike, heading to the beach or a museum, or seeing friends. Mondays in the studio make me happy because even though the week is only 5 short days, on Monday it seems long and possible to fit so much into those hours.

Kim West

Career Day at Kim West's Studio

If there were two of you, what other type of business or job would the other Kim have? / At this point, I can’t envision being anything other than a painter. But I would definitely consider a clone.

Kim West's Studio

Favorite artist? / Forever and ever...Alice Neel, Cy Twombly, and Helen Frankenthaler. Recently, Mary Weatherford. 

Kim West's Studio

One thing that has happened in your career that you never expected? / I didn’t set out to paint murals; that was set in motion over a chance encounter regarding bathroom paper products.

Career Day at Kim West's Studio

One thing that has happened in your career that you completely expected and had hoped for? / I have always expected and hoped that at the end of each work day, I would feel satisfied with at least some of the day’s progress, and would leave the studio excited to return for more. I am grateful to report that happens almost every day.

Career Day at Kim West's Studio

At the end of the afternoon with Kim, we had to take off Ruby's romper since she was covered in wet paint. She walked to the car in just her undies and said, "This was the best day ever!" Thanks so much Kim for sharing your world with us!

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy. All art by Kim West.}

a bumpin' summer {giveaway} with hatch...(now closed)



Hatch was one of my go-to maternity brands when I was pregnant with both of my kids. I love that the pieces are stylish and comfortable and can be worn both while pregnant and after baby as well. They've recently launched some new intimates and summer pieces, so we've partnered with Hatch to give away these four pieces shown above—the nightgownbracotton brief, and 3/4 body dress—to one lucky reader (a total value of $272)!

To enter, follow Hatch on Instagram, then tag a friend who you also think would also love these pieces on my Instagram post here!

Entries must be posted by this Friday, May 29th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. One winner will get the 4 pieces shown in their choice of colors and sizes.

UPDATE: Congrats to Rachel B. from Salt Lake City, UT for being our winner this time!

*This giveaway is open to those in the US only. Entries should be made via Instagram. If you don't have Instagram, you can alternatively leave a comment here to enter. $272 USD total value. Winner will be contacted via Instagram once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.

happy friday + long weekend getaways...

Oh Joy Family / Palm Springs

Around this time of year, everyone starts planning their summer vacations, and I keep getting asked, "Where are you guys going on vacation this summer?" And my answer is...no where! It's not that I don't want to take a vacation, but you guys, I am really bad at taking vacations. I wish I could shut my brain off, relax, and just enjoy a two-week long vacation away somewhere. But being away from the routine of my life is really hard for me. I've been to Paris, Mexico, and London in the last few years, but this year I am all about the mini vacation and just taking some long weekends away.

After our weekend getaway to Palm Springs recently, I realized that just a few days away somewhere not too far away gives me just the right amount of time to re-charge, and I can keep my computer at home and just enjoy being somewhere new with my family.

So, I need some suggestions! What are some fun places that we can go this year for a long weekend away that's either within a couple hours driving distance or a couple hours flying distance from LA? Any places you guy have been to and recommend? I'd love any and all of your suggestions!

Have a great (long) holiday weekend guys! If only every weekend, was a three day weekend!

the evolution of a baby's room...

Oh Joy / Kids Room

About a month ago, we put the Ruby and Coco together in the same room! As a newborn, Coco was sleeping in the home office room that we turned into a super fun office/nursery for a little while. But once the kids were in bed by 7:30pm every night, we lost the use of our office during those prime times that Bob and I needed to get work or other errands done after the kids were asleep. The office/nursery was always planned to be temporary, and we knew we'd move them in together once Coco was sleeping through the night.

Since we've lived in the same place for the last 5 years, I wanted to share the evolution of how the same room went from a room for a baby to a room for a toddler, and now to a room for a toddler AND a baby. Here's a look at what parts of changed and what parts have stayed the same...

The Crib and Bed

Oh Joy / Kids Room

In 2011, the room focused on the crib and changing table side-by-side which is my ideal placement for a baby's room when possible. It just makes those post-nap diaper changes even easier. We had a couch in the far end of the room and a glider right by the crib for those middle of the night feedings when Ruby was a tiny babe and when I'd be too tired to go back to sleep in my own bedroom.

Oh Joy / Kids Room

A few years later in 2014, Ruby was ready for big girl bed! We removed the couch at the far window and moved the changing table to that spot. While most people would put the long side of a toddler's bed up against a wall, this room has a couple large windows and very few windowless walls where a bed could go. And because the room gets really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter, we opted to keep her away from the window have her bed frame come out from the wall and sit a bit more central in the room. 

Oh Joy / Kids Room

Now, here we are in 2015! Ruby's bed has stayed in the same place since last year centered underneath one of the windows (we have bumpers underneath her fitted sheet so she doesn't fall out). And Coco's crib is along the same polka dot wall where it was when Ruby was a baby. This allows for some open space in the main part of the room where they can play and get dressed, while giving their beds a bit of separation from each other.

Now, the part of the room that has stayed pretty much the same...

The Bookshelf and Dressers

Oh Joy / Kids Room

Oh Joy / Kids Room

Oh Joy / Kids Room

The dresser and bookshelf area in the girls' room is probably my favorite wall in our house. I bought those colorful dressers off Craig's List when I was pregnant with Ruby, and they've always served as the perfect pop of color for the room. They're also super sturdy and very functional. We've been keeping Ruby's clothes in the left dresser since she was born, and now that Coco is here, we keep her clothes in the one on the right. The mini library book case has held books and toys throughout and simply evolves as the girls grow. I love that this whole wall and the main furniture pieces against the wall will grow with them for years to come.

Next week, I'll go more into the logistics of having a toddler and baby share a room (will they wake each other up, how does the bedtime routine go?) and some tips that helped our kids ease into the transition!

{Photos credits: 2011 photos by Bonnie Tsang, 2014 photos by Sasha Guilish, 2015 photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy} 

oh joy answers / coming up with a business name...


Hey guys, here's my newest video in the Oh Joy answers series. Today, I'm talking about coming up with a name for your business. Do you go with your personal name or with a made-up name? Press play below!

one room, two different rugs...

One Room, Two Different Rugs

We love rugs around here. They ground a space and draw your eye to the focal point of a room. A lot of times it can be hard to decide on a rug because 1) they aren't cheap and 2) they provide such a focus on an area that it can be tricky to decide how bold (or not bold) to go.

So, today we've partnered with Loloi to show you two ways that a room can look simply by your choice of rug and how it affects some of the accessories around it. Take a look at these two options—both which I love in different ways. Both rugs have graphic patterns (because you know I'm all pattern all the time), but one is neutral and one has a very defined color...

Room with Blue Rug

Option 1 - A rug with a strong and clear color. I chose this light blue rug because of the pattern and because it has a color that I've generally always liked. If I'm going with a colorful rug, it's gotta be a color I can live with for a while. For me, that's usually blues and greens (hence the green couch). Your favorite colors may be different than mine, but the rule holds true. Don't pick a color that's too trendy or that you know you'll hate next year.


After placing down the blue rug, we accented the space with a couple large pillows in other complementary shades of blue as a base. Then we added in a couple neutral pillows, as well as a contrasting pop of color with that velvet peach pillow. The artwork is neutral and simple in this version to avoid competing with the graphic, colorful rug. The great thing about a colorful rug is that it brings a ton of life to the space, but you just have to be more mindful of the other elements around it.

[Rug and blue pillows by Loloi, couch from Room & Board, side table from Target.]

Room with Black and White Rug

Now here's option 2 - A neutral, graphic rug. This cream and black rug serves as a fun, neutral base that's way cooler than defaulting to a plain grey rug. If you're scared to incorporate both color and pattern, a neutral rug like this with a bit of pattern makes for a good way to dip your toes into that patterned water.


After placing down the neutral rug, we accented the couch with a few graphic pillows that pull in some of the black and white from the rug. Then we added in a neutral pillow and that same peach pillow we used in the first version. This shows you how you can use some of the same pillows with different rugs. But to make it all work together, it looks best when a couple of the pillows tie into the rug as well. The artwork here is a bit more mixed and can include more colors and variances because this rug doesn't distract too much away from the wall.

[Rug and patterned pillows by Loloi, couch from Room & Board, side table from Target.]

So, what do you guys think? Which one do you like better? Would you pick a neutral rug or a colorful one?

P.S. You can purchase Loloi's rugs on sale this week over at Zulily. Otherwise, you can find them at Wayfair and Rugs Direct as well as retailers around the nation.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Loloi. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and original content like this for Oh Joy.

{Photos by Casey Brodley and styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy}

dressing the babe / happy blue day...

Mama and Me Style

Mama and Me Style

Today, I turn 36! It's funny to think back to what I thought 36 would feel like. I remember when the mid-30's seemed so old and so far away, yet here I am feeling like I'm still 24. And, I have to say my 30's have been my favorite yet. I gained more confidence in myself and in my role in life. And I also started focusing on making myself and those I love happy instead of trying to make everyone happy (because it's kinda impossible, you know?). Either way, just a quick thanks for following along on this journey as I enter another year of life and learning!

At the start of every summer, I find myself in a blue phase. I'm not sure if it's the thought of the beach and the ocean or if I'm just feeling a little more mellow. But I'm currently loving blue in all shades. And with my flying babe in tow, we're channeling both the summery sky and the calm ocean today...

Mama Style / Maternity and Post-Baby

Oh, and I'm still loving maternity pieces even 7 months post-baby. You guys know I really tried to minimize my "maternity" wardrobe when I was pregnant, but there are some pieces that if you're going to buy them, you get so much more bang for your buck when you can wear them post-baby as well. This duster and dress are maternity but still super flattering to layer with (and comfy!) when not pregnant.

Mama outfit / 1. Hatch duster jacket, 2. Storq dress, 3. Dolce Vita booties, 4. Necklace by Crescioni, 5. Oh Joy for Solly baby wrap.

Baby Style

One-pieces on babies are my favorite thing ever, and Coco now has her own pair of our family's favorite summer sandals.

Babe outfit / 6. Thief & Bandit one-piece, 7. Thief & Bandit head band, 8. Pons baby sandals, 9. BlaBla knit raccoon.

Mama and Me Style

Mama and Me Style

{Photos by Casey Brodley, outfit styling by Joy Cho, flat styling by Julia Wester. Coco is 7 months and rollin' with her homies.} 

making life a little easier...

Oh Joy Kitchen

You guys know how I talked about not doing everything in this post? Since making dinner from scratch is one of those things that I can't always do (and stresses me to think about), I've found a few great dinner/food options that have made my life so much easier lately that I had to share with you...

1. There are lots of places that offer food take-out delivery. But when you just need lunch or dinner right now, this new DoorDash app is the most efficient one I've ever used. As soon as you load it based on your address, it tells you what restaurants you can have meals delivered from and the approximate time it would take. And the best part is it updates you every step of the way with when the order is placed, picked up and on the way to you. It's super accurate which I've never been able to say about any other service like this. I've used it way more times this week than I'd like to admit, but it's been so helpful when I'm home alone with both kids and can't manage to make dinner on my own (or when I want to treat my employees to milkshakes for an afternoon treat). It's kinda like the Uber for take-out delivery.

2. Instacart offers delivery from your favorite local grocery stores. It's sort of like Amazon Fresh but there are more options since someone is actually going to your local store (like Whole Foods) and picking out what you want. While I actually love grocery shopping (and can find it relaxing), it's not relaxing when you have to bring two kids with you. So I cut myself some slack and have groceries delivered when I don't have time to go myself. And, instead of loading everyone up in the car to go buy food, I can spend time with them doing way funner things and pay a small delivery fee for the groceries to come to me. 

3. Din is a newish food delivery service that sends you all the ingredients needed to make restaurant-inspired, home-cooked meals. Bob and I really want to cook more (we really do). I have tried a bunch of these types of services before. But other ones take almost an hour to make a meal, and these days with our busy jobs and schedules, we need to be able to make something within 30 mins or less. With Din, many of the components are pre-prepped for you—that way you really can make the whole meal from start to finish in 20-30 minutes. (They are only available for delivery in California and Nevada right now, but I'm guessing more states will become available as they grow).

And yes, these things do cost a little more money, but for me they're worth the few extra bucks for a delivery fee or service charge to gain that extra time at home with my kids. Modern conveniences like this have helped me to worry less about everything I need to do and be more present in the moment with my family.

Have you guys found any other cool apps or things like this that make your life a little easier?

{Photo of Oh Joy kitchen by Zeke Ruelas} 

oh joy weddings / magnetic place card holders...

DIY Magnetic Place Card Holders

Here's our newest wedding DIY video showing a simple and colorful way to make place card holders for a wedding or any sit-down event. You can see the 2nd video in Oh Joy Weddings series on Kin Community below!

DIY Magnetic Place Card Holders

See a transcript of the steps below!