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summer style: pleats!

Oh Joy / Summer Pleats

One of my favorite pieces for summer is a light-weight and flowy pleated skirt or dress. So I thought I'd share two of my go-to outfits right now—one is casual for a weekend brunch and one is a little dressier for that summer wedding or special event!

It's so dry here in Los Angeles in the summer that static cling becomes my nemesis. According to Jockey and their Solutionary™, this makes me a victim of 'The Shake Down'—that classic move that combines one part wiggle and two parts tug brought on by a case of all over static. So, I've paired the outfits with Jockey's Anti-Static Skimmies ® Slipshorts (a slipshort that you wear as your undies and they help prevent static cling! Genius!).


I love pairing an easy tee in a great color with this pleated skirt. It's feminine, casual, and comfortable.

Casual / tee from J.Crew, skirt from Anthropologie, Target sandals (similar), Jewels for Juliet teething necklace, Jockey Anti-Static Skimmies® Slipshorts.


Pair a long maxi pleated dress with a shimmery shrug and it makes the dress go from just pretty to really special.

Dressy outfit / Darccy dress, J.Crew beaded shrug - past season (similar and here), J.Crew necklace (similar), BC Footwear shoes (similar), Jockey Anti-Static Skimmies® Slipshorts.

Do you love pleats as much as I do? They just seem so flattering all around!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Jockey. All content, ideas, and words are my own.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, outfit styling by Joy Cho, flat styling by Julia Wester, illustrations by Jennifer Vallez.}

going with the flow (it's hard to do)...

Oh Joy

I am a serious planner. Like, I need to know what's happening every day and have a plan in place for every single scenario. In some ways, it's always made me the responsible one—in my friendships, in my relationships, in my business, and as a parent. But being someone who lives and breathes by a schedule, it also makes me really resistant to change and really bad with just going with the flow. When I'm given a change to my usual routine, I shudder and push it away. I fight so hard not to let anything new or different in...until someone convinces me, encourages me, and pushes me to just go with it. And then, I'm always glad I did. But, boy is it hard. I dream of being one of those laid back girls in those romantic comedies who starts a food fight while making breakfast or shows up at the airport and then jets off to some random destination.

Are you guys more of the planner type like me or do you just roll with it?

{Photo by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy. My top by J.Crew, skirt from Anthropologie.}

a fab furniture {giveaway}...(NOW CLOSED)

Interior Define Giveaway

For me, one of the funnest (yet hardest) pieces to buy for a home is a great couch or chair. You want something that will last over time and go with your decor that's worth the investment. Interior Define offers a ton of fabric options to customize their many chair and couch styles. Most of Interior Define’s designs are available in 5+ configurations (each size customizable), up to 60 fabric options, up to 5 leg options, and 3 cushion-fill options. Today, we've partnered with Interior Define to give away a $1000 credit towards a chair or couch of your choice to one lucky reader

Interior Define Giveaway

To enter:

1) Visit Interior Define

2) Join the email list

3) Pick out your favorite Interior Define product

4) Comment back on this post with your favorite Interior Define product

You can see some of my favorites right here! Entries must be posted by this Friday, July 31st, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. Good luck!

P.S. For Oh Joy readers, Interior Define is offering $100 off any order over $1000! Use code: OJ100 upon checkout. Discount offer ends 8/4/15.

UPDATE: Congrats to Amy M. from Beverly Hills, CA for being our winner this time!

*This giveaway is open to those in the US only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $1000 USD total value for the winner towards a couch or chair to be used by December 31, 2015 on a single purchase. The $1,000 credit must be used in a single purchase. Any returns will be refunded store credit minus any applicable restocking fee. Entrants must register with their email address and will be contacted via email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.

a baby's memorabilia shelf...

Baby Memorabilia Shelf DIY

I often collect little cute trinkets or treasures for my kids that have some sort of meaning. But it can be hard to figure out where to put these little things or know to how to display them. So we came up with this memorabilia shelf for a baby's nursery to hold small treasures and keepsakes.

We made this one for a couple who has roots in Philly and Los Angeles and cultural backgrounds from Mexico, the Philippines, and Colombia, so you'll see a variety of pieces that reference those parts of them show up here. Watch the video below to see the full how-to!

And to see all the materials and steps, I've repeated them below for reference! And please subscribe to the Oh Joy channel to see more videos.


happy friday + 9 months with coco!

Oh Joy / Coco is 9 months!

Baby #2 hit me like a truck. Not the baby herself, but the addition of a baby. It was way harder to go from one to two kids than I expected, but we're finally at a good place (most of the time). Coco is a happy, kind, and inquisitive baby. And she's so (SO) patient while her older sister goes through her terrible 3's of tantrums and meltdowns (um, yeah, three is no joke). In the last few months, Coco's true personality has really started to shine through. She says "mama" and "dada" and laughs the hardest with Ruby. Here's a look at the last 9 months...

Oh Joy / Coco's Monthly Photo

Oh Joy / Ruby and Coco

We love you, Coconut. I can't believe one is just around the corner! Have a great weekend, guys!

And p.s. thank you for your Seattle suggestions!

{Mini pinata numbers by Katie K. Franklin. Coco's Outfits - 1 MonthBoden onesie, Thief & Bandit leggings, 2 MonthsRylee & Cru onesie, Little Hip Squeaks headband, Freshly Picked moccasins, 3 MonthsLittle Hip Squeaks onesie, Thief & Bandit headband, 4 Months: headband by Thief & Bandit, top and pants from TargetFreshly Picked moccasins, 5 Months: full outfit by Ultra Violet Kids6 Months: top by Ultra Violet Kids, bloomers by House of Mia, hair clip by Pitchoun, blanket by Aden & Anais, 7 months: tanks by Kira Kids, shorts by Ultra Violet, blanket by Little Auggie, 8 months: tank by Thief & Bandit, bloomers by Noe & Zoe, blanket by Virginia Johnson, 9 months: romper by Sweet Threads, blanket by blanket by Aden & Anais.}   

i actually just like exclamation points!

Oh Joy Flowers

Lately, I've been coming across these business articles that claim there are some words you should never use—especially at work or when it comes to making business deals—and how women often use these words way more than men. When I read these articles, I it makes me realize how much I actually (see?!?) use these words, but the reasons as to why we use them and when we shouldn't are so interesting...

"actually" - By saying the word "actually" in excess, it's saying that you are clarifying something that doesn't need clarification. For example, "I actually did see the market report." I can see how there's no need for the word "actually" there, and you could just say "I saw the market report." Plain and simple.

"just" - I do this all the time. Usually in an apologetic manner, I send emails saying "I just wanted to check in on my last email." Or, "I just have to go over there for 5 minutes." By using the word "just" we are apologizing in advance for something we're about to do. It's been shown that women use the word way more than men do. Ever since I read the article, I have been removing "just" from all my emails before I hit send and using it only when it's really needed. (I'm still working on cutting it out during business phone calls.)

the exclamation point - One time, while Bob was driving, he asked me to send a text for him to one of his colleagues. He told me to say "Good job". In my mind, I heard that as "Good job!" so I texted exactly that (with an exclamation mark). After I sent it, and he realized I had included the exclamation mark, we debated for 10 minutes why I thought it should be there and why he didn't think it should. My thought was that if you are telling someone something positive, the exclamation mark echoes your feelings. Just to say it with a period at the end sounds too dry and serious over text. His response was that the message was positive and he doesn't have to exclaim loudly "Good job!!!". I guess I'll never see his point on this one, and I will happily continue to use exclamation points when I think it's necessary. (Also, Bob no longer lets me send texts for him.)

What do you guys think? Do you guys use (and overuse) these words or marks like I do?

{Photo by Casey Brodley}

oh joy for freshly picked!

Oh Joy for Freshly Picked

Oh Joy for Freshly Picked

Oh Joy for Freshly Picked

I'm excited to share our newest collaboration—Oh Joy for Freshly Picked moccasins. My kids have been wearing Freshly Picked for a while now, so I'm thrilled to be joining forces with this amazing brand. Our Pattern Party collection features a dotty pair (perfect for both boys and girls) and a flirty floral that we love for summer. We're excited to see your babes rocking these moccs!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, prop styling by Julia Wester, cute baby by Oh Joy}

what should we do in seattle?

Seattle Print

Hey guys...we're headed to Seattle next month for an end of summer family get away! It's been a couple years since I visited, and this time I'll have my family with me. You guys always have great suggestions for me, so if you've been to Seattle, I want to hear where you think we should go/eat/shop/play with kids. Thank you in advance for your tips!

{Print by Vicky}

a sweet baby mobile...

Baby Mobile DIY / Oh Joy

A mobile is a fun way to add whimsy to your baby's nursery. Today, I'm creating this one inspired by an ice cream maker and pastry chef couple, for a sweet mobile that suits any playful nursery. You can customize the shapes to match your family's interests, too! Watch the video to see the full how-to!

And to see all the materials and steps, I've repeated them below for reference!


career day / a furniture maker...

Career Day / Kalon Studios

Career Day / Kalon Studios

Career Day / Kalon Studios

Career Day / Kalon Studios

In our newest Career Day, we visited the studio of husband and wife team, Michaele and Johannes of Kalon Studios. I've been a fan of their beautiful furniture ever since I saw a photo of this beautiful crib they designed. When we use things in our home—like furniture—on such a regular basis, sometimes we forget the people who made or designed them. So it was a fun treat to get to see (and show Ruby) the process of what goes into designing furniture.

Together with Michaele and Johannes, Ruby made a small chair which she had so much fun making and using afterwards. Michaele and Johannes have converted their garage into a beautiful, working studio that their kids love to visit and see what their parents are up to. Here's a closer look into their beautifully designed world...

Career Day / Kalon Studios

What’s your background and when and why did you start making furniture? / We were making furniture for ourselves long before we started Kalon. The company was a natural outgrowth of our lifestyle, practices and needs. We officially started Kalon when we had our first daughter. We were unable to find a crib we liked and made one for her. We were also struggling to find a way to support ourselves in a way that we could be equal participants in the home life. Neither one of us wanted to miss out on the early years with our children and neither wanted to be stuck at home alone. We were making a few other pieces at the same time, and someone suggested that we try to sell them. It was the first time we recognized ourselves as a design team and that we could sell the work we were making together. Those pieces became our first collection.

Career Day / Kalon Studios

How did you figure out your signature style? / Kalon’s style is very much born out of the both of us, a convergence of our interests and aesthetics. It’s a true collaboration but, interestingly, not at all a compromise. A piece designed by either one of us would look very different than what we make together. What we design offers a lot of aesthetic space for different and/or changing tastes. 

Career Day / Kalon Studios

What is your dream for your brand? / For it to continue to support our family and continue to allow us to pursue our interests. For it to offer a way to rethink how things are produced, in the factory and for the consumer. For the pieces that we make to become truly cherished pieces in people’s homes. For the pieces we make to be timeless and to gain more value and meaning for the individual over time.

Career Day / Kalon Studios

Best part about your job? / Getting to make whatever we want exactly the way we want to make it. It’s amazing that we can go down rabbit holes of personal interests and translate that into a project. It makes it so that the job never gets boring. There is always something to be passionate about. Being able to work from home so that we can be a part of our children’s younger years is also very special and rewarding. 

Worst part about your job? / Having the home life, personal life and work life all rolled into one is complicated at times. It’s really difficult to draw the lines between the two. In a way, it’s both the best and worst part. Transitioning to home life, whatever that really means, is difficult. And in a word: production. 

Career Day / Kalon Studios

How do you make working with your spouse work? / We share many interests and aesthetics. We wouldn’t be working together if we both didn’t share a vision for our lives. For us, once we met, it was really about finding a way to shape a life where we could spend as much time together as possible. Now we have children, it’s extended to them as well. Our company grew out of that desire, and from the fact that we’re both incredibly stubborn people with a very strong, clear vision of how we want things to be. So, going our own way was sort of the only way.

Career Day / Kalon Studios

How do you set your work schedules around your family life? / When we started there was no separation. As the company has grown and time has passed, we’ve made a concerted effort to separate things as much as possible. The girls being in school full-time helped, and we try to keep our work day within their school hours. Once they are home, the studio doors are open to them and we make room for them so that it is their space as much as ours. 

Career Day / Kalon Studios

Career Day / Kalon Studios

I loved seeing working, entrepreneur parents in their element and how their businesses fit in with their personal lives. Their home is a reflection of their style and their work with almost every piece crafted or designed by them. It's true reflection of how design comes out of need and the pure desire to make something exactly the way you want it.

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy.}