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Bobbi Pin Hairstyle

So there was this one morning (really, most mornings) when I woke up and could not get my act together to get showered or really do much of anything to my hair. A couple weeks ago, I share this really easy bobbi pin hairstyle with you. And here's one more! This is for those days that your hair is a mess and all you can do is put it up in a top knot or a ponytail and call it a day. BUT, no one needs to know how messy it really is if you just fancy it up a bit like so...

Bobbi Pin Hairstyle

1. Put your hair up in a top knot, bun, or pony tail as you normally would. Then use bobbi pins to secure the back wisps up in multiple rows of "V"s. You can use one color or use two contrasting colors like we did for a fun contrast effect.

2. Place in the first bottom pin to hold the hair back in the spot you want it to stay in.

3. Add another bottom pin to create a "V" shape. Make sure to interlock the two pins at the bottom of the "V" by inserting the second bobbi pin into the bottom curve of the first pin so it helps lock them together and hold the hair even better.

4. Keep repeating until you have as many bobbi pins as you'd like. I find that 4-6 rows looks the best. Since you can't really see this as you go, you have to feel your way through it and then check your work in a double mirror. Once you try it a couple times, you won't need to look and will be able to tell just by feeling them as you go!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, hairstyle by Danielle Walch.}