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wallpapering for renters...

Wallpapering for Renters

Oh wallpaper. It's one of those home decor items that so many people love, but so many are also afraid of. Whenever I share photos of my living room (which is covered head-to-toe in wallpaper), we get a lot of questions from those of you who can't or don't want to put up something so permanent. Usually, you love wallpaper but...

A. You don't own your home and your landlord won't let you use wallpaper.

B. At $150/roll, it can get pricey to wallpaper a whole room or even a whole wall.

C. You're not sure if you will love THAT ONE PATTERN...forever.

So we came up with an easy solution for adding some wallpaper love to your home that doesn't involve a huge commitment or lots of money. Simply wallpaper one giant panel and turn it into a statement piece for any room. We used one single roll of wallpaper from Justina Blakeney's collection to demonstrate. Here's how...

1. Purchase a large sheet of foam core, wood plank, or foam insulation sheeting to use as your canvas. We used foam insulation sheeting because it's light in weight, large in size, and really affordable at $20 for an 8' by 4' piece.

Wallpapering for Renters

2. Using spray adhesive, affix the wallpaper sheets to the foam piece by spraying the back of the wallpaper and then carefully smoothing it onto the foam backing. We found that wallpaper glue didn't work as well with this material and spray adhesive was much better and easier to work with. You'll still have to line up the wallpaper as you would on any wall. But since you're not doing a whole wall, you'll still use less than one roll.

Wallpapering for Renters

3. If you're using a thick piece of backing, cut a strip to cover the side of the foam. Let dry.

Wallpapering for Renters

Wallpapering for Renters

That's it! You can display the piece vertically leaning up against a wall. It makes for an amazing focal point behind a couch or chair in a seating area.

Wallpapering for Renters

Or display it horizontally for a cool pattern-blocked look in a dining room or behind a bed as a faux headboard.

What do you guys think? Would you try this?

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, production by Jessica Hong. In living room: chair by Eric Trine, pillow by Oh Joy for Target. In dining room: table by West Elm, gold chair from Target, silver wire chair from Target. Wallpaper by Justina Blakeney for Hygge & West.}