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3 unexpected places to display plants at home...

3 unexpected places to display plants at home

When I buy or receive a plant for my house, I tend to put them in the same spots—on the dining table, to the side of my TV (where my kids can't reach it), or on my desk at work. But since flowers and plants make everything better, I wanted to share a few not-so-typical places to put them. Once you try it, you'll never resort to the same old, same old spots again!

3 unexpected places to display plants at home

1. In an unused fireplace — Whether you have a fireplace and never use it or you have one that's only used in the winter, take advantage of this tucked away spot to fill it with greenery. We partnered with ProFlowers to provide the pieces you see in this post and I love this beautiful, tropical house plant for spots like this. It adds color, texture, and body to an otherwise cold and empty space. We added some books underneath for height and some string lights for mood and a pretty glow come nighttime.

3 unexpected places to display plants at home

2. On a bar cart — Usually you put bar stuff on a bar cart. So I love the addition of this vibrant floral to add a little color and life to an area usually full of glassware. It makes it feel a bit more cozy and offers a nice pop of color to your cart!

3 unexpected places to display plants at home

3. On top of a chair — Plants on chairs might be one of my favorite new home decor tricks. It draws attention to your plant and adds height to a smaller pot using an item you already have lying around your home to elevate it. We put this Super Mom Azalea on top of a decorative box to add additional texture and height and really make this little lady feel special.

Plants and flowers bring me so much joy that I love all these additional spots to place them so they can flourish! They're also one of my favorite gifts to give this Mother’s Day because you’re adding a little living piece of décor to a loved one's home!

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*This post is in partnership with Pro Flowers. All words are my own.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester.}