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a typography light box...

typography light box DIY

You know we love typography around here, so here's a fun way to make a statement with chic and simple light box that adds a whimsical glow to any room...

typography light box DIY

You'll need:

acrylic sliding lid box

3" adhesive letters

white spray paint primer

white acrylic paint 

acrylic coating spray 

- paint brush 

string lights or firefly lights


Here's how:

1. Wipe down the acrylic box and make sure it's clean. 

2. Place adhesive letters of your choice on the sliding lid of the box. You can choose a short phrase, a name, or initials.

3. Spray paint the lid and the bottom of the box with primer (we used painter's tape to tape off the sides). 

4. Let dry for an hour. Once dry paint over with a layer of acrylic paint.

5. Let dry again for 1 hour and add a second coat if needed. Let dry completely for 2 hours then peel off the letters leaving an open area for the light to shine through. 

6. Paint a layer of acrylic sealant and let dry overnight. 

7. Finally, add string lights inside the box and let the end trail out enough from the lid to plug it into a nearby outlet.

typography light box DIY

typography light box DIY

These make for a fun accent in any room as well as a gift for that person who already has everything!

{Photos by Mary Costa, styling by Julia Wester, crafting by Julia Wester & Jess Hong.}